Memories are forever

Memories are forever

Memories are one of the most wonderful gifts of nature

These are what give life to the otherwise soulless caricature

It is upto you to remember all good that happened to you or vice

You are free to make a choice, as you wont get same life twice

When the body incarnates from one form to another, there is a veil

Otherwise one would be confused with all past lives, such a long tale

Be pure in what you remember, for your thoughts will mould you mind

You can choose wisely what to carry forward, what all to leave behind

One wonders at times when you look back, how sweet was that time

It gives such a joy, an immense pleasure, it is all so subtle and sublime

Never forget the childhood memories, they are to be cherished like a treasure

You can learn immensely from those days, their true value is beyond measure

There might be people whom time has separated, even those need not be hated

For all people are good, it is just that circumstances are bad and ill fated

Remember those who were there for you, who helped you in time of need

They might have helped in different ways, money, moral support or feed

Remember those who made you cry, for they also had some karmic connect

It was not their fault and thank the Almighty for He stood by you to protect

Thank everyone, just feel the gratitude, do not complain nor hate any soul

Be like the creator Himself, all encompassing, all loving, that should be the goal

Take out time to do nothing, just sit back and watch the memories as they flow

Try to feel them in your heart, and see how on your face they bring a bright glow

There is nothing to be ashamed of being nostalgic for your past is your part

Just aim at the right memories, be like a perfect player in a game of dart

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