Life is Precious: Even for Them

Life is Precious: Even for Them

Refugee Ships

As seen in the war hit areas, such is one bitter aspect of life

These people have to flee homes, leave everyone, such is the strife

Boarding vessels which are not even sure to float, dont know how they set sail

Only a small fraction of such boats reach the shore, others just in midway fail

Still they prefer to die at sea rather than live in the war ravaged zone

Where they never know, who will hit them, a bullet, a terrorist or a drone

Humanity is put to shame when we think we live in such a modern time

Yet circumstances in these areas are so tough, such is the level of decline

Even if they reach the shores of a new land, they have lost everything and alive bare

Their eyes seem to have lost all hope, in the blue skies they just look and stare

As if asking the Almighty what is happening to the world, why are we so insane

Who will benefit from such wars, we all stand to lose and no one will gain

When we consider such things, we who are safe and sound in our home and every may

We should be ashamed of ourselves, we just quarrel over petty things night and day

Go out and see the world, just awaken in the global consciousness, you will realize

That you have a very special life, when you know this you will be much more wise

Let us provide some hope for such people, but how can we do and what is the way

Even if you cannot do much, just for a few moments for such people you sincerely Pray

For the collective vibrations have lot of power, they can change the destiny if you believe

That is the cosmic consciousness which governs all this, you will visualize and perceive

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