Just Keep Trying: No Use Crying

Just Keep Trying: No Use Crying

If you keep trying, you will surely reach the goal

Even if the ambition is sky high, the star of pole

It is only how much and how long you can endure

Before you quit thinking impossible and insecure

But if you dont quit and just continue to work

Neither you are afraid, neither exertion you shirk

The goal will be reached sooner or later with time

There is a message hidden in this, so sublime

Sometimes you will get what are trying

At times you wont, and you start crying

Remember to keep going, the sun will shine

Never bend or bow but with standing spine

Or if you do not reach, will go even higher

So dont care for any insult or sattire

At end of the day the you will reach or surpass

Receiving guidance from the inner compass

Then you will realize that impossible is nothing

Just requires determination, no other bling


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