Happy Teachers Day 2017

Happy Teachers Day 2017

On this day we wish our Gurus, mentors, guides and teachers

Those who show us the right path, knowledge givers n preachers

Gurus can be of any type, academic, professional or spiritual guide

From a true teacher, you gain all knowledge and nothing you can hide

It is true that some of the teachers bring disgrace to the entire clan

Yet majority are righteous and help you to chalk a bright future plan

There is another aspect of the teacher’s day which has to be seen

It is a different perspective, let me share it since you are so keen

Nobody is a teacher, nobody is a student, self sufficient is the soul

Each one is a student of the self, and remains so unless reaches the goal

So although you should respect the teachers, yet remember this fact

You are just playing a role, in this drama of life it is a temporary act

Depend on your own light to show you the way, not outside or others

Even though respect teachers like your elders, sisters or brothers

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