Game of Shadows and Light

Game of Shadows and Light


Life is a constant game of shadow and light

Sometimes it is pale yet at other times full bright

The human mind is powerful enough to remember all

All incidents and memories are stored forever big or small

The subconscious has infinite storage, nothing is ever erased

You only seem to forget over time in a manner somewhat phased

Yet memories get revived when you peep into the past

Yet there are so many births, you don’t even remember  your last

Apart from the human form, you have been here in so many forms

For ages you have been wandering so many oceans so many storms

Only way out of this maze is to find your true self beyond the veil

All other efforts will never succeed permanently, they will always fail

Such is the journey within yourself that you will be amazed and thrilled

It is no less adventurous or enthralling, till your spine you will be chilled

The journey is tough from without to within, it is an entire universe to explore

In that backward journey, you will find all you desired in the days of the yore

For all desires get annihilated in that pure knowledge, light and bliss

For that is a beginning of a new life, in love with cosmos, the true Divine kiss

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