Father of the Nation: 2 Oct

Father of the Nation: 2 Oct

Today as we celebrate the birth of Mahatma the great soul

Who always had a mission in mind, had such a lofty goal

To free India from the huge empire was nearly an impossible feat

Where the big guns had tried and had faced multiple times defeat

This man with the strength of truth, just went ahead all alone

He lighted a small flame, which escalated to a fire full blown

Ahimsa was his main tool, he never believed in violence to others

In his eyes, everyone was same, all were sisters and brothers

The world would hardly believe, when they look back in the past

That such a man walked in flesh and blood, they would be aghast

It is only when satya, ahimsa, truth and bramcharya combine

That out of a frail human body is born a person so divine

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