Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda 12 Jan 2016

Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda 12 Jan 2016

Today is the birth anniversary of this great karamyogi who inspired the whole nation, rather the whole world with his message of modern day spirituality. we pay homage to this great soul, and have a few lines dedicated to this great message.


If you have to live, just live as if the very next moment you have to die

Do your best, despite all odds and challenges, never be discouraged or cry

Strength is life, weakness is death, just remember this golden rule

Else even if you are very intelligent, you will appear just like a fool

There is nothing which can shake you, if you are not willing to budge

Never stop moving towards your goal, no matter a strong blow or a nudge

So says the great thinker, that fear is the root cause of all weakness, so be brave

The real test of strength lies in the battlefield of life, not in the lonely jungle cave

If you realize you are the eternal soul, nothing can touch you despite all odds

Then you are no less than the strongest person, you are literally at par with Gods

Let us resolve in this day to live by the words of this pious and strong teacher

Who spend all his life doing what he taught, he was not a mere verbal preacher

We salute the great soul and wish he returns to this earth in some other form

For such personalities visit the earth seldom, they are the exception not the norm

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