Terrorist Or Soldier: Mother is a Mother

Terrorist Or Soldier: Mother is a Mother


This news clipping shows a lesser seen aspect of the mother-child relationship. However we must make it clear before anything else that we are using this post to adore the status of a “Mother” in general and do not mean in any manner to support such violent acts which we equally condemn like every peace loving citizen. Basically this goes to show that a mother is always a mother despite all circumstances, perhaps that is why She is the nearest in physical form to the incarnation of the Divine in the form of avatars in any yuga.

It has been said in ancient lore that

Poot kapoot ho sakte hain

Maape kumaape nahi ho sakte

Means that

Sons (and daughters) can forget their dharma 

But parents and Mother can never be so

This poem is dedicated to a Mother but is equally applicable to a Father


It is no wonder that a Mother is the nearest creation to the Divine

You may not see God but She is the incarnation if you feel it sublime

He could not be present everywhere so made the form of a Mother

Which cannot be replaced by anyone, no one can take her place, no other

This has been the eternal truth, even from the times of Ramayana so old

Still it shines in truth, it glitters much more even than 24 carat pure gold

Just see and imagine the plight of a Mother whose son says he is dying

She is only worried about the well being and hunger, internally must be crying

It is only unfortunate that despite this deep love, the son could go astray

That it does not happen to any Mother, only we can so wish and Pray

It is not easy for a Mother to bid adieu to the son when he is sure to die

It shows the Divine Love even when the son is on the wrong path, a lie

We can just hope that people stop hating each other, let there be peace

That youngsters stop from going astray, even when tempted with fleece

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