Uses Of Zircon In Astrology

Uses Of Zircon In Astrology

Gemstones have been used as a part of astrology since long. Many people say what can a stone do to the destiny of a person. We have been receiving constant requests to put up an article on detailed explained of the rationale or science behind it, if any. We intend to cater to this request soon, but in the meantime just enjoy reading the post on uses of zircon in astrology.

Zircon in Astrology

In astrology zircon is used to protect our body and mind from harmful energy emitted my celestial bodies in our solar system. It is also believed to carry certain characteristics  which act in a positive manner to attract the vibrations of wealth, self confidence, self esteem and wisdom. It is also associated with love and happiness. Some diseases it is believed to cure include epilepsy, fever and insanity. It was also believed that the wearer should maintain the shine on there gem because without shine it would change its power from good to negative.

Uses Of Zircon In Astrology

Zircon Stone

Colour Significance

In astrology color plays a major part in our world and without color our existence would be limited. Other factors that influence our existence are motion and light. These three when brought together, give way to seven colors represented in the rainbow. These colors are- red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo and violet. Zircon shares this color variation thus making them carry significant value in astrology, so being used as healing powers. Each color represents a different body part.

Uses Of Zircon In Astrology

Uses Of Zircon In Astrology

Zircon is a gemstone found in many colors, transparent, green, blue brown, yellow, orange and red. These colors are caused by impurities that are incorporated in the mineral during the formation of the gem. They are semi precious and brittle meaning they can get damaged easily.

Features of Good Zircon

Good quality zircon should be clear with no impurities within its structure. We can check its quality by simply placing the gem on a source of light to detect any cracks, chips or impurities that may be within the gem.

Effects of Different Colours of Zircon

The following table gives a brief indication of the uses of different types of Zircon in astrology. Please remember this is an approximate guide. You should always consult a good astrologer to actually wear any stone for astrological purposes.

Coloured Zircon Table

Coloured Zircon Table

Care of Zircon Gemstone

Zircon requires care as they are a fragile gem unlike diamonds. They can get scratches, break, or shatter when miss used. Regular or weekly polishing is also required to maintain there shine and gloss. Damage can also be caused do unforeseen reason such as sudden temperature change or even some house cleaning agents.

Zircon gems do not have any harmful effects on the wearer. Studies have shown that they emit small amounts of radiation because they carry tiny traces of uranium within there structure. These amounts are very small and do not pose any heath issues to our body.

General Knowledge and Uses of Zircon

Although here we are mainly concerned about the astrological uses of Zircon, it does not harm to get a little extra knowledge about the gemstone as the more we know about something, lesser are chances of getting duped while buying or using the element.

Besides its healing qualities zircon has quite a few other uses in today’s world. Obviously the stone is used quite a lot in jewelry items. This is due to there vibrant colors. The texture and hardness of the gem also makes it a favorite among stone cutters who prefer gems that retain there structure.

Industries prefer it in sand or powder form. They are more interested in its chemical properties for use in ceramics, chemical, glass and metal manufacture.

Geologist also uses it to do carbon testing to asses’ ancient ages. It is a main ingredient in the manufacture of fire resistant clothing used by fire fighter and people who work in hot places.

Where is Zircon Found?

Zircon is available in most countries of the world. It is mostly mined in Australia, South Africa, USA, Ukraine, India, China, and Brazil. Other counties also mine it but at minimal amounts. Gem zircon is mostly mined in Asia whereas industrial zircon in Australia and South Africa. Source:  (world mineral production.)

Cost of Zircon

Depending on the quality, color and size, each gem varies in cost. More for good quality and less for inferior qualities, the best cut gems that do not contain or have few impurities cost between US$1 to US$25 a carat. And each gem can range in size from 1 to 25 carat. Bigger gems are also available but size affects the quality. Please note that the cost of Zircon can vary with time and place of purchase so this is just for rough approximation and should not be considered as a guide to buying cost which keeps changing with market conditions.

Where To Get Advice or Buy Gemstones?

Zircon is commonly available in the local markets, but you should only purchase them from a reputed dealer since it is very easy to get fake gem. Materials like glass can easily sold instead of zircon. We do not promote any particular e-store/shop or astrologer but you are most welcome to buy them from us as well, though you are free to buy from anywhere as long as its genuine and helps you in your goal. You can also check our guide for buying gemstones for more information. You can also contact the author of this post by sending your details via the astrological form available on this website and we will contact him on your behalf and send back the results to you.


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