The Science of Metaphysics

The Science of Metaphysics

There are many subjects that exist in the world but we don’t know much about them. One such subject is the science of metaphysics.  This is the subject that we are going to discuss in this article. It is a subject of traditional philosophy. It has been in existence for a long time. It is a science that tries to explain what is out there that makes up this world and what is it like.

A person who has studied the subject of metaphysics is called a metaphysicist.  A metaphysicist tries to explain the world to the people. How it started, what are the forces that make the world, the theory of space, time and possibilities is all explained in the Science of Metaphysics. There are many branches of metaphysics one of it is the ontology. This studies the basic categories of being and or existing and how these categories relate to each other.

Another branch of study under science of Metaphysics is the cosmology. It studies the universe and the forces that make it. It is basically the total phenomena that make the universe. There is another branch of study under the science of Metaphysics it is called the natural philosophy. This is the subject that forms the basis of the modern science. Science means knowledge. With time science completely transformed natural philosophy into a subject that is derived from experimental studies and the rest of the essence of natural philosophy was lost. Now that we have lost the philosophy part of science it is still found in the subject of metaphysics. As we say philosophy it is quite understood that it will have no place in modern science. Science and philosophy are contradictory so they can never go hand in hand. Science is practical it believes on in facts and results. However, we cannot deny that there are many things that even science cannot explain. This is the knowledge that comes under metaphysics. It is the philosophy that science has forgotten or perhaps don’t want to notice. Some say that science has completely disapproved metaphysics. Whereas some beg to differ and say that science is the reason why the subject of metaphysics is still so popular.

Another branch of the Science of Metaphysics is the subject of natural theology. It is the study of the gods. It answers questions on the existence of the divine. How the gods created the universe. There is a special emphasis in this subject on what are the religious and spiritual issues that are concerning the human life on earth. Like we said we cannot give proofs as the subjects are mostly to deal with philosophy. Another very important aspect of the science of Metaphysics is the branch on universal studies. The first law in this branch is the law of non contradictions. It was the foundation for all the queries. It is a subject that mostly deals with notions like relations, interactions, etc.

The Science of Metaphysics is the science of something that is beyond the physical. It cannot be touched or proved. There cannot be any experiments that can be done under metaphysics. However, this inexact science can explain many things that even science with all its technology cannot. There is a very new concept that is doing the rounds it is called metaphysical healing. It is basically a healing procedure that is followed the healers to heal a person. They do the healing process without using any physical remedies. It is a spiritual way of healing one’s body and soul. The popularity of this new trend shows that how the Science of Metaphysics has slowly started to challenge medical science. Many people across the world belive that this process has helped them a lot to heal and find new energy levels.

There are a lot of things that are told about how the Science of Metaphysics started. Well as it is very old and it is difficult to state anything about its origins. Nevertheless, it is said that it was started by the great philosopher Aristotle. It was in Greece that it started. In those says any question that was to deal with science could be answered only by metaphysics. It was considered the queen of sciences in the olden days. It was a very important subject and was taught in schools and colleges. With the progress in Science the subject of Metaphysics started to lose its glory. Today this has become a branch of philosophy.

This is a small preview about the science of Metaphysics. I hope you have understood the concept and got a clearer idea of what the subject is all about. Interesting definitely but it cannot be proved as it is beyond the physical world that we know of. The subject s exhaustive we have tried to pick and discuss some of the points that we thought were must.

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