Shapes of the Hands

Understanding Palmistry

Palmistry is one of the ancient arts, which is used for judging person’s character and foretelling the future. It uses different criteria to come to the results such as shape of the hand, lines on the hand, mounts on the hand, length and flexibility of fingers etc.

Shapes of the Hand

To begin with let us look at the different shapes of the hands. The different shapes generally found are:

Elementary Hand: In appearance, this type of hand has thick, heavy and a large palm with short fingers and short nails. The person with elementary hand lacks enthusiasm and only thinks about daily affairs. They don’t like nasty situations and can get violent if provoked. They naturally possess a cunning instinct. These people lack aspiration; they simply eat, drink, sleep and die. They only live a very basic life. These types of people are mostly laborers or involved in violent jobs or sports.

Square Hand: The square hand, as it appears from the name, is square at the wrist, a square palm, square at the base of fingers, the fingers and finger nails are also square with a large thumb. People with square hand are practical, logical, honest and reliable. They like punctuality, order and discipline in their lives. They are not quarrelsome but can be a strong opponent. People of this hand are mostly doctors, lawyers, engineers and scientists.

Spatula Hand: The fingers of this hand are flat like a spatula. The significant feature of this type of hand is a large thumb. It is broad at the base and very irregular and crooked. The most striking characteristic of people with this hand is their individuality. They are very energetic and like to explore. Mostly inventors, scientists, doctors and preachers have this type of hand.

Conical Hand: A conical hand has conical fingers and palm is big, thick and broad. This hand has an unusually big thumb. People with this type of hands generally have artistic skills and creativity. They take decisions out of impulse and instinct. They are empathetic but can be selfish when it comes to their own comfort. Artists, singers, painters have this type of hands.

Philosophical Hand: This hand is long, narrow and fragile with slender, long fingers and almond shaped nails.  People with this type of hand are religious, philosophical in nature and like to gain wealth. Developed joints reflect thoughtful nature. These people are students and like to learn. Teachers, leaders and philosophers have this type of hands.

Psychic Hands: This hand is small and slender with smooth fingers and long finger nails. The thumb in the hand is small and beautiful. People with this type of hands are quiet by nature, lack discipline in life and easily trust anyone. They lead a very confusing life. They are dreamers and idealistic. They are religious, psychic and get impressed by service. Mostly people like magicians have this type of hands.

With some practice one can learn to judge the kind of hands by looking at them. Shapes of hands are very significant in assessing someone’s character and nature and can improve your judgment about people.

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