Sapphire In Astrology

Sapphire In Astrology

Astrology is an old science. It is an inexact science that depends on the planets and constellations. Many don’t belive in it and some follow it blindly. Millions claim they have benefited from it. Whereas some say these theories lead us nowhere. Well we don’t intend to get into this age old debate and discussion. This will go on forever. We are here to discuss about sapphire in astrology. Sapphire as we all know is a precious gemstone. Well apart from being a precious stone it too has many other qualities that are important from astrology point of view that is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article.

Before we move on to how we can connect sapphire and astrology we will discuss about the stone itself. This stone can be primarily of two colours blue and yellow. It can be in other colours too but not in red for sure. We will concentrate on blue sapphire in this article. As the name itself says it is blue in colour. It can come in various shades of blue. The cut also varies from stone to stone. It can be of different sizes and shapes. A picture of the stone is enclosed. The shape can be anything ranging from round, oval to even square sometimes. The ratti (it is the measurement for the size of the stone in Hindi) of this stone determines the size. One ratti may cost you around ten thousand rupees. The stone is pure blue. If you find any spots or cracks on the stone don’t buy. Always take a certificate from the jeweller and but it from a trusted place only.

Now that you know all about how the stone looks let us tell you some interesting facts about it from astrology point of view. The stone is an extremely powerful one. It is considered to be the most powerful stone only after diamond. We are not trying to scare you. What we are trying to say is that always consult an astrologer before you wear it. Only an astrologer can tell you how much ratti and what shape sapphire you should wear. If not consulted an astrologer you might land in trouble.

In Hindi it is called Neelam or Neela. It is mostly worn in silver. However, the astrologers may recommend gold. This is very rare. This stone works the best with silver. It can be worn as a pendent or a ring as you prefer. The stone is worn on Saturday. It is a stone that can make a beggar king and vice versa. There are many stories that are associated with this beautiful stone. It is said that this stone can show its effects within three seconds. You have to be extra cautious before you wear it. If it suits you then it will do immense good to you if not it can destroy you. The equation is clear and simple. We hereby strongly recommend that you wear it only after consultation with an astrologer. Don’t just pick up a blue sapphire ring studded with diamonds. It may look attractive but can damage you bad. There is a test of suitability that you can do on this stone. When you get one just keep it under your pillow for three consecutive nights when you sleep. If you get proper sleep for three nights in a row then you can wear the ring as it suits you. If you feel any discomforts then do communicate it to your astrologer. Always try to take the stone directly from the astrologer. Else take him along when you but the stone.

I am sure you may feel I am exaggerating. However, belive me it is true the stone has powers beyond our imagination. Many people across the world have felt its impact. As we said the planetary positions are very important in astrology. Similarly each stone is associated with a planet. Being associated with the planets these are recommended to people who have a certain problem in their natal chart. The blue sapphire is associated with Saturn. This is the planet which controls money and good fortune.

When one wears a blue sapphire they are blessed with wealth and fortune. All of a sudden they get a lot of property and prosperity. Saturn cycle that is a seven and a half year cycle it can be very bad on some people but buy wearing this stone the effects of this phase can be minimised. This stone works well for depression and alcoholism. The hurdles in the life of the person wearing this stone is removed as a result they get more prosperity. The stone can make lives longer as Saturn is the planet for longevity. The planet does not like poverty this is exactly why this stone can take one from rags to riches. For health matters it helps in diseases that are related to bones, any other chronic diseases, etc. It makes one responsible and a better leader. It can remove sorrow from life and make one more active. It makes one more disciplined, focused and a better decision maker. These reasons help them in becoming more successful. It is worn by many celebrities and businessmen.

Some interesting facts about the stone are as discussed now. If the stone is put in water and the water is used to wash the scorpion bite it removes the poison. It has been used in swords as it keeps evil spirits away. When worn for a long time it can make the person wearing it cautious by changing colour. A sudden change in the colour of the stone means trouble. Well interesting indeed to know how a stone can be so powerful that it can change the destinies of people who are associated with it. Well in case your astrologer has recommended the stone to you then you must wear the same. Do keep in mind the points that we have mentioned. This will help you immensely in making your life better.

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