Names and Numerology: The Numbers Game

Names and Numerology: The Numbers Game

Numerology has a very interesting analysis. It can analyse the dates on birth, the time of birth and of course name number. Name number is derived from the alphabets that are there in your names. Each alphabet has a value that adds up to become the name number. The numbers are from one to nine. Each has a significance of its own. We will now discuss about names and numerology.

The alphabets in your name if changed a little bit can make a massive difference to your destiny. We will try to give a general view of all these numbers. In case you want to change the name numbers of yours do visit an astrologer or numerologist. They will tell you exactly which letter and how that you need to change. Let’s start with the number nine. This is a number that is considered very powerful in business and in personal relationships. However, the people born with this number are also prone to accidents. The names Gujarat and Kashmir add up to nine as a result they are always disturbed by something or the other.

The few numbers that are always considered powerful are number one, the number of leaders. Number two does suit few people; the ones with this number have to fight odds to prove themselves. However, there are a couple of celebrities who have used this number and have also become successful. Three is a number that cannot be considered as a poor one when it comes to numerology. This too is a strong number and makes good leaders.

Name number four always gets people in trouble with the opposite sex and creates financial troubles. We don’t recommend this. However, considering the other details like a date of birth this number may also be quote useful.

It is believed in numerology that people with name number five will have financial maturity and can become good businessmen. Name number six is associated stardom and this is the reason why many big stars use this name number. It is believed to bring fame easily.  The number that is unanimously associated with creativity is seven; it is a very strong number for designers and writers. This number helps in creative thinking and makes the people with these number originals.

The next in the list of the number is eight. This is associated with Saturn. The unique ability of this number is that it can be very good for few and for others it might cause disturbance and unforeseen troubles. This name number must be taken up only with consultation with the astrologers. These are some aspects of names and numerology.

There is definitely a connection between the two and it must be appreciated. Next times you want to understand the name number do try to contact a good numerologist and see how small suggestions can make a huge difference. One of the most prominent example is of this is in Bollywood itself where people change the names by adding an extra letter or reducing an alphabet for better success and results.

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