Miracle Stories: Fact Or Fiction?

Miracle Stories: Fact Or Fiction?

We always tend to produce original thoughts and a logical outlook to matters hitherto misunderstood or accepted in blind faith. Today again we are here to touch on a very sensitive and hot topic about miracle stories and to see whether there is any truth in them. I am sure everyone of you out there have heard some of the other miracle story related to some person or religion, so let us examine that more closely.

Do Miracles Exist

Important Elements

What Are Miracles: A Philosophical Perspective

I am not sure which is the technically accepted definition of a miracle but in broad terms anything which is not accepted by science and anything which seems to defy common sense and logic is termed as a miracle. So if we were to go by this particular definition, all miracle stories are fake.


Before you jump to any conclusion let us see a different definition of miracles as well. Actually as per above description the following should also be fake, though we know very well that these are not

1. Universe is infinite or least has so many millions, billions and trillions of light years of expansion that for all intents and purposes there is no end to it. In such a huge universe, a tiny speck called Earth is inhabited by a life form which assumes itself to be Supreme in entire universe, of which it does not even know fully.

2. Let alone infinite universe, the best technological innovations of mankind cannot match even remotely the wonderful and complicated work of nature as in creating living organisms having so many different complex systems working in harmony, be it the human physical body or any other life form.

3. Life and Death itself are miracles as except the time after birth and before death, there is no plausible explanation of what differentiates the dead body composed of chemicals from a living moving body having same chemicals but something which is now absent

4. In everyday life, at least some time or the other, we have certain experiences where we come to know if something happened to someone we love intensely or care for, especially mother-child relationship, plus hundreds of such minor things which fail to be explained

These are just a few common examples which are no less than miracles since science cannot explain them fully neither there is any logical explanation for them.

So that basically means that everything is a miracle, so there is nothing which is outside the purview of miracles.

A Plausible Explanation

When a person gains some specialized knowledge he or she comes to know of things which a common person is not aware of and hence can perform tasks which are tantamount to miracles.

1. An athlete or gymnast can perform such feats which seem impossible and beyond human limits to the ordinary people.

2. A butcher can use a knife to slaughter an animal but a learned surgeon can use same knife and his knowledge to cure some animal or even human from pain and suffering

Miracle Stories

Miracle Stories

Similarly if a person gains an insight into the subtle universal connection which permeates every bit and every atom of the universe, he or she can do certain things which the normal person would not be able to understand.

1. For example if the rays heal a person from say tumour we say it is chemotherapy but if some Holy Person with hugely positive aura emits such rays to heal anyone we say it is a miracle, it is not. I mean it is in a way yes but it is not something unnatural.

2. Similarly if a huge train weighing hundreds and thousands of tons levitates on rails or if the force from Moon can lift oceans by few meters, we call it magnetism and tides respectively, but any story that a person walked on water instantly raises doubts in our minds.

3. When science claims that even just sound can be used to heal certain ailments we accept it quickly but we are bit stressed to believe when the seers of the past tell us that sound is energy and chanting power can be used for healing purposes.

A person who does some miracle (and I mean someone who can genuinely do so and not faking or duping people) certainly has a mastery over some aspect of nature and some mechanism of doing things which are beyond everyday routine capabilities thats it. They can do it effortlessly and following the proper laws of the universe even if we may not be able to comprehend them.

Secondly they do miracles out of necessity sometimes and not for their own personal or selfish gains. If you were to tell a weak person to practice martial arts for few hours each day, he/she may not feel motivated to do that much hard work but if the master breaks a few bricks with the blow of the hand (which is tantamount to a miracle at the beginner level) the other person would surely show keen interest having witnessed even for a moment the immense power that can be gained from it.

Why So Much Skepticism?

The skepticism stems from two reasons, first the own ignorance of the person and secondly it is a fact that in the current world especially in countries like India, the line between faith and superstition is very thin and large percentage of people are being fooled by money mongering Babajis and dhongis (means fake people) who are nothing but idle and useless dumb asses only trying to spin money around the fears and problems of innocent people.

Hence here are a few tips for you from everyday practical aspect of life.

1. Though miracles exist, not anyone and everyone who claims to do is genuine. Infact the more someone boasts or claims, the higher are chances of he/she being fake. So DO NOT believe anyone blinded foldedly

2. A true miracle doer will normally wont want to be in the limelight or even thanked for it, but they would be happy doing their work in the background. But again as the sun does not need any light to show it, despite their humbleness they would ultimately shine and their presence could be felt.

3. If you follow some sect, cult or religion just remember that any specific person is less important that the knowledge itself which is the only supreme entity. Let me try to explain this with another simple example. You goto gym daily and exercise as told by the instructor with full dedication. Tomorrow if your coach is found guilty of something, that would not make the usefulness of the teachings any lesser for you.

If you continue to exercise using same techniques, the results on your body and muscles would be same. Infact we used this logic and argument in case of a popular religious leader who has been caught under some serious offenses and now undergoing legal trial, so for his genuine followers this advice would be best, instead of losing faith as that would be your own loss, not that person’s loss.

4. Keep your mind, brain, common sense and logic open at all times and do not just jump to any conclusions instantly and always be careful.

5. Do not lose control over your life and shun hard work expecting miracles to work for you. Just do your karma and change your destiny and that is a miracle in itself


Finally you see that miracles are not fake, thought people can be fake and fraudulent. Just ensure you are bit careful but just have an open mind. It is just that the people who perform miracles have attained a high level of control over the universal energy though one or the other means like yoga, prayers, meditation, chastity, mind control and so forth. Once this energy is harnessed it can be used to do anything since it is the basic building block of the entire universe.

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