Hypnotherapy & Hypnotic Suggestions

Hypnotherapy & Hypnotic Suggestions

In the field of hypnotic science and hypnotherapy, suggestion plays the most important role. It is through hypnotic suggestion that one achieves hypnotic control and the ‘subject’ is experimented upon as the practitioner desires.

Hypnotherapy and Science

Man is an intellectual being and has reached quite high in the field of science largely through intelligence. To achieve progress in the field of science he has studied, and brought under his control, nature. Of course only to a certain extent.

He has begun to realise that it is more important to study and comprehend the human body. He has also discovered that his knowledge of the human body has been little. The subject has unlimited potential. The more one tries to delve deep into this science, the greater will be our achievements.

God has patterned the physique in such a way that every atom remains ever mysterious. It should be, one has begun to realise, an outstanding achievement if we begin to comprehend the extraordinarily complexity of the human body.

The Invisible Elements

As one began to ponder deeper, one came with dazzling achievements. One of the mysteries revealed during the exploration of the human body is that it contains certain elements which are felt and yet are not visible. The existence of the mind, for example, is felt beyond doubt, but it cannot be located even after dissecting the entire body.

Inner and Outer Minds

After extensive researches in this field we have come to know that the human body contains not a single entity known as mind, but two minds outer and inner. When we are awake, the outer mind remains active and experiences every thing. With the help of the intellect it takes decisions. However, when it stops functioning, during our sleep, the inner mind gets active and takes over the job such as protecting the body. The outer mind dormant.

For example you are sitting near a fire place. You are wholly lost in your thoughts. Unconsciously your finger is found advancing very close to the fire. And yet as it is about to touch the fire, it resiles. The hand finds itself withdrawn from that zone. Now who made the finger resile from the fire? Surely you did not, for you were totally absorbed in your thoughts and you had not been conscious of the position of your own hand. It was the inner mind which made the finger reile from the fire.

Hynotic Suggestions

Hynotic Suggestions

As discussed above, anatomists have not been able to locate the mind, although there are as many as two minds in the human physique. Perhaps they have not been able to come across the mind. Nevertheless they accept that the human body is endowed with mind. It alone distinguishes man from animal.

Man and Animals

There is much resemblance between man and animal. Both eat, both sleeps, both breathe in and out. Both remain active and both can procreate. And yet man is strikingly different from animal. Unlike man, animal can neither contemplate worries nor can it share the joys and sorrows of other animals. Conversely man does share joys and sorrows of others and contemplate weal and woe. It  is the mind which gives man the capability to contemplate and it is the mind which distinguishes man from animal.

Power of Inner Mind

The inner mind has, therefore, been very crucial to the human life. For whatever feel remains enduring, besides eliciting a quick reaction. To take a commonplace example. You tell a healthy friend of your that he looks sad and that his face has gone pale. And you also suggest to him that he looks already sick and perhaps he is on the verge of falling sick.

His inner mind will accept your words in the same way as these were meant. His outer mind will, however, appear to contradict whatever you have told him. It will appear to explain away the words arguing that you must have uttered these words carelessly. It will argue that the man is not at all sick. But in any case the inner mind is quick to suggest that the face must indeed he looking pale. He must have marked the paleness before he said so.

If what you  told him is repeated by two or three more persons, the inner mind will accept the full import of these suggestions and he is brought under its impact. He will begin to feel as if he is actually sick. Whatever he does on that day makes him a little s more tired. Perhaps weaker and more depressed. All this must be attributed to the functioning of the inner mind.

On the contrary you are terribly sad and depressed on a certain day, to take another example. Just at about the same time a jolly good friend of yours drops in. It makes you cheerful, your face brightened up with cheer. Your voice will be sweet and cheerful. Even your intonation will be so soothing you will feel a lot healthier than before.

Mostly physicians fail to locate the ailment in the complex human organism. But the inner mind does not fail in this respect. It locates and removes the ailment.

It is the thinking of the inner mind which is the base of the functioning of the hypnotic suggestions. Just as the inner mind can reach any obscure part of the body, similarly it can travel up to any esoteric part of the world in a matter of a few seconds. In a moment it travels thousands of miles and sees the person at farthest places. Take, for instance, a person who is living aboard. He contemplates his wife and children or anybody else back home. In a second they emerge in front of him. The implication is that as he thought of his kith and kin, the inner mind reached them. Might be his eyes were closed then. He begins to feel what the inner mind sees.

Just as the inner mind can see person sitting at far away places, it can also suggest to, or command, a person to do a certain job. It needs a special type of practice.

Who Controls What?

What is needed is that the inner mind is brought under the control of the outer mind. Generally it is not under the control of the outer mind because it has a speed which both terrible and enduring. However, following a special technique of practice, if the inner mind is brought under control, one can see amazing results. Normally under hypnotic influence we develop the capacity to see wife or son sitting far away. In other words we see only such sights or such persons whom we had seen earlier. If the inner mind is brought under perfect control, one should be able  to see even such sights as one had never seen before. Controlling the inner mind we could see any event taking place in any corner of this world.

Not that we shall develop the requisite capacity to be only passive spectators. W can also intervene, a friend of yours who is residing miles and miles away can be influenced. With the help of the inner mind you can see him. At the same time if the inner mind is under your control you can make him do anything you may desire.

Now the important question is: How do we gain control over the inner mind? The only answer is: One can achieve it with the help of hypnotic suggestions.

It is basically hypnotic suggestions which give us the strength to bring the inner under control. It is by dint of this mind we can have anything done. The concept of hypnotic suggestion may apparently look pretty simple. In reality, however it is very difficult to achieve. It needs a very arduous and regular exercise. It is only after repeated practice that we can bring it under control.

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