How to See Aura?

How to See Aura?

As we have already discussed aura is an energy field around a body reflecting the energies that are within the body. These energies are what make us. The aura has the ability to reflect our physical, emotional and mental health. The aura exists in seven layers and these layers store energy vibrations that emanate from our thoughts, feelings, health and experiences.

Many colored the aura forms an oval shape around the body. It moves with us and changes color with our emotions, feelings and spiritual conditions. Some people have the ability to see the aura; some have the ability to sense it and some may be completely insensitive to aura. With a little bit of training and sensitivity it is possible for all of us to see the aura. Let us discuss some exercises that can help see the aura.

Sighting the Aura

Sighting the Aura

How to See the Aura

When training to see the aura it is important to remember that it is a skill and like any other skill it requires diligent practice and loads of patience. It is important that if not all some of the exercise may be performed daily. It is equally important to learn to relax while concentrating. Three exercises that can help develop vision capable of spotting the aura are discussed below. In fact these exercise are to be performed as steps.

  • Watching the Mirror;
  • Perceiving Color;
  • Perceiving the Shape.

Watching the Mirror:

Watching the mirror is a technique that allows you to watch your own aura. This technique is one of the best when it comes to training the vision as no second person is involved. The second person may grow restless hampering your practice.  Sit in front of a mirror Ensure that there is a soft light emanating from your left or right side. The light should not be reflected in the mirror. Set your focus on your neck in the mirror.

Slowly keeping the focus constant look beyond the reflection of your body. Allow your eyes to blink but do it fast as the aura is very sensitive. Do not allow your eyes to e strained. After some practice, you will start to see a white glow or an outline about one to two inches away from your neck area. This is your inner aura.

Perceiving Color:

Once you have learnt to spot your aura in the mirror the next step is to perceive color. As you practice exercise 1, try to move your focus outside the white glow. At this point you will notice a change in color. The color at this point should be off white. Initially, the edges will be faint and cloudy but as you practice the aura will become clear.

Perceiving Shape:

To be able to perceive shape, you should be able to see the entire aura. You should be able to see all the seven layers and the aura around the entire body. Start from exercise 1, move beyond the white outline and practice viewing the color variations. Try and shift your focus up to your head. Every time you lose the perception start from exercise 1.

Try to move your vision in such a manner that it circles your entire body and the area in front of your body also. Perceive the energy that exists around your stomach. Try to look from one shoulder to another travelling along your neck ears and head.

Once your eyes have been trained not to lose perception, move your sight to the center of your body. Concentrate on your throat and upper chest area. Move your eyesight down and see your stomach and legs (in case of a full length mirror).

Depending on the area of focus, the colors that you will see will change. The chest area may be blue while the stomach area should be light green. As you practice the layers will begin to grow wide. You will be able to perform the exercises in much less time.

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