How To Develop Intuitive Powers?

How To Develop Intuitive Powers?

Today we are going to talk about developing psychic intuition and will mention a few techniques and exercises for developing intuition. Actually the subject matter is such that most people would feel that either developing intuition is something which cannot be done since it is something which is supernatural or it is too difficult for a common person to develop intuition and is only the privilege of a chosen few.

Developing Psychic Intuition

First of all let us try to understand what exactly is meant by intuition and how can exercises help to develop it. Basically Intuition is nothing but a heightened awareness of the mind which springs forth naturally from a calm and focussed, concentrated condition or you can say it is a sixth sense that we all have in us.

Developing Intuition

Developing Intuition

It is true that due to previous sanskaras or impressions of the mind some of us are naturally born with a strong sense of intuition. Yet irrespective of the fact, this faculty can be developing by following the simple intuiting developing exercises that we are about to discuss now. We are not saying that all the exercises that we have mentioned below are going to work for you. What we are saying is that practice these and slowly you will be able to understand which the one that is actually working for you is.

The one that works the best can be adopted and you can practice the same more often so that your intuition power improves. So basically its just like say developing your muscles with workout. Theoretically it should work for everyone if the right techniques are followed, yet it also depends on few other factors like inherent disposition of the mind and most importantly the will power and determination with which these are done, which in turn again depend on meditation etc, hence these are all interconnected.

Thought the words “psychic intuition” might seem bit unworldly for few of you, it is nothing out of the world but is very normal and connected to day to day matters. It is always good to have a strong intuition for both personal and professional life. It will make you are more sensitive person and you will become more confident about yourself and of all that is happening around you. It can reduce stress to a great extent. It can make you more creative as you are connecting with nature. It can help you to become a better decision maker. Overall it will make you a much complete and a stronger person.

Developing Intuition Through Exercises

Some feel that intuition is just the product of the mind this is not true intuition needs the involvement of all the senses that we have and the physical body. The brain makes us intelligent but heart is also responsible for intelligence and sensitivity. When we develop the intuition we are basically increasing the power of our heart to understand what is happening around us and tell us what is ahead. This has given rise to a new concept called the heart brain.

Some exercises for developing the intuition are mentioned below: 

1. The first exercise will be to work with direct intuition. In this you need to find a comfortable place to sit. Start to inhale and exhale. Concentrate on the process. After sometime try to look at the near future and see what you can. This will take some time so keep practicing regularly.

2. You can also try to develop symbolic intuition as a second exercise in developing intuition.. In this just get a piece of paper and a pen. Ask yourself a question “what does life need from me right now”. Ask this question three times so that each time you go towards a better and a more meaningful answer. When you ask the question third time just don’t give the answer instead draw what you feel in a piece of paper. This symbol that you have drawn when interpreted will tell you what you intuition wants to tell you.

3. In this third exercise we will tell you how you can look at the message that your intuition is trying to give you. Just let your senses free. Let them feel all that is around you. They will wander during the day and in the evening when you sit in a quiet place just think about all that your senses told you during the day and you will get what your intuition is trying to tell you. As we have already mentioned all these will take a lot of learning and time. Keep practicing patiently. Initially you may not be able to understand the message that the intuition is trying to give you. It is not that your intuition is not working. It is just that you are not able to understand what it is trying to say. So be calm and keep trying till you decode the true message.

4. In the fourth exercise we will tell you how you can choose a sense to work with. The intuition needs a particular sense to work with. It can be the ear or the eyes. Just listen to your body. For example leave your mind blank and let the body do what it wants to. For example start walking and go where your feet are taking you. This can be used as a way to follow your intuition. Similarly sit in a quiet place and relax. Let your eyes close and think that you are healthy and happy and so are the people around you. Think that the people who matter the most to you are happy. This will help you to develop the intuitive eye. As you practice it regularly the eyes will tell you about the one person around you who is not fine and needs help.

5. You can also develop an intuitive ear by following this fifth exercise. Just sit in a nice relaxed place and think of a song. Let the DJ in you play the song. When the song goes on for some time just let yourself think why you chose the song and maybe your intuition will give you the answer that you are looking for. Your mind should be free and you must not have any control on what you mind is thinking at this point of time.

6. As a sixth exercise learn to use your dreams to develop your intuition. Dreams are powerful so just before you go to bed think of the day that went by. Keep a paper and a pen with you. As you sleep ask yourself what the people around you need from you. You will fall asleep as you go on asking the question again and again. In the morning when you get up maybe you will not remember anything of your dream. Just take the paper and the pen. Draw what comes to your mind first and this will be what your intuition is trying to tell you.

Metaphysical Science or Rationale Behind Psychic Intuition

There is no magic behind the concept of psychic intuition, rather it is just the inherent principle of unity of the entire cosmos. Even science recognizes to a limited extent that since the entire living and non living matter is formed out of the same building blocks at the smallest divisible level (atoms and sub atomic particles – remember the recent discovery of God’s Particle) which are in turn a form of energy. Similarly Dr Einstein’s Theory of Relativity states that time is relative and not an absolute factor, unlike our everyday experience

The yogis and seers have recognized this fact since ages and since there is an underlying thread of unity in the entire cosmos and since time only exists in a particular dimension, it is not surprising that events anywhere in the cosmos and anytime in “time” – past, present, future – are revealed to the perceptive mind, which forms the simple definition of the working of intuitive faculty, but simple only for those having knowledge of these concepts while for others it could be intriguing and nearly impossible.

Author’s Note:

From the strict metaphysical point of view, the psychic intuition is just a positive “side affect” of the techniques of meditation and deep concentration exercises, and is never a sought after goal by the true seeker. There are several such benefits which await a sincere practitioner of yoga, meditation and such techniques. Still it is certainly good to try and develop intuition purposely and enjoy the benefits it has to offer.

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