How To Cast A Love Spell?

How To Cast A Love Spell?
How To Cast A Love Spell?

Cast A Love Spell

Love is something that we all desire. Some people spend their entire life on looking for true love. We will today discuss about how to cast a love spell. It may seem like a black magic to you. Some of you who are skeptical will also feel that this is impossible.

However, faith can move mountains as they say. Why not give it a try. By casting a love spell you will attract that special someone to you.  It is said that when you cast a love spell you are actually communicating with your true love. We will take you through the whole process of casting a love spell in a step by step manner.

The first step is that to remove all negativeness that you have acquired in your last relationships. Forget all the heartbreaks and most important of all forgive. Forgive yourself too if required. Let the positive energies fill you. Get a vision. Look at what you want and how you want it to be like.

The second step is to look for love. Love that is unconditional, it is something that cannot be measured or felt. Why I am saying this is that the person who your true love is might not be attractive and interesting as you want them to be. They might be simple and plain. Nevertheless, with time as you know them more you will realise that they are your soul mates. Love never follows reasons. This is a very important realisation that you must have.

The third step in how to cast a love spell simply follows the old rule of karma. What you give always comes back to you in some form or the other. If you give love you will get back love and vice versa. If you are looking for true love then you must send true love to the person. If you are looking for someone who you can posses and cling too you might get the same back. Only when you send a message of true love can you get back true love in its response.

The fourth step is gathering some symbols. These symbols will emphasize the message that you are sending. You can choose candles, flowers, papers, etc. The colour should be Red as it is the eternal colour of love.  You can select some herbs that will make your love spell stronger. The herbs that we recommend are balm and catpin. Last you need to select an item that belongs to you. Try to select something that is very you. You can also select a piece of hair to make it more personal.

As a fifth step take a bath in fresh water that is infused with role petals. You can also light candles to make the atmosphere soothing and calm. After your bath dress up in a robe, that is new and was kept for this purpose.

The sixth step is to find an appropriate location as the place that you select to cast a love spell is very important. We would recommend outdoors. A romantic place may be even better. The main aim in to get privacy and concentration. If that is possible only in your room try that. If you have found a secluded beach you can light a bonfire. If in a room that is not possible neither is it required.

The seventh and the most vital step in casting a love spell is what we will discuss now. Take some sea salt and make a circle around the area where you are going to perform the spell. You must ensure that the area is cleansed and no evil spirit can come in. You can also burn sages and remove the negativity. Now light the candles as you have already selected. You can either loudly say what you want or you can keep it within your mind. Offer the offerings that you have selected. You can also write your message in a piece of paper and burn the same so that the message goes to the universe.

  • In your mind imagine and visualise how you want your love to be
  • What is it exactly that you are looking forward to?

The candles should burn down completely. You should not put them off ever. You can place them under your pillow or you can place them in your garden.

I hope we have answered all your queries about how to cast a love spell. If possible try to repeat this process of casting a love spell time and again. You can do it daily, weekly or on a full moon day. Keep doing it regularly to get the best results. Something nice and positive will definitely happen if you do these on regular basis.

Keep your senses open and feel the response the universe is giving you. Keep your faith going and keep sending the messages. You will definitely find the ears these messages are meant for. With Valentine’s Day round the corner perhaps you might find your true love too.  As they say love comes to those who believe in it. Keep praying and we hope your spells get answered soon.

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