Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day


This is strange paradox of spirituality and religion since times old

Lord Krishna, the messenger of love and peace – giving advice so bold

Peace has to be bought at whatever cost, for there is nothing better

War has to be avoided at all costs, forget its spellings even its letter

Yet the same Kisna guides Arjuna on the battlefield from ahead

He tells him to forget everything and fight, and scatter everything to shred

So how is this dual knowledge true and how does it apply to the modern day

What the different texts mean, what do the teachers have to say

On this independence day as we remember the sacrifices of freedom fighters

Those who fought from within and without, even the poets and writers

From the soldiers who fight on the border staying away from their home

To the common man who Prays for safety from the Temple dome

Each one of us has a role to play in the progress of this land

Big or small, each one of us can lend a helping hand

Jai Hind !!


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