Can Meditation Help Me Lose Weight !!

Can Meditation Help Me Lose Weight !!

We have tried to discuss the many advantages of meditation in our site. One point that people often ask is can meditation help me lose weight!! Well it can definitely help in controlling the weight issue. We will discuss how in this article. To lose weight by meditation you must ensure that you do the meditation right and you do it regularly. If you leave it in between you will not get the desired results.

The meditation reduces weight but you will take some time to notice the difference. It is not going to be as fast as other means of losing weight. Nevertheless, the advantage is that your weight loss will be permanent and it will be without any side effects.  I hope that sounds interesting enough.

meditation weight loss

The Psychological Aspect

The meditation experts say that gaining weight has a lot to do with stress. People who take more stress generally put on weight easily compared to those who live a less stressed life. When a person is stressed he or she also indulges in eating. They eat junk as a result they put on weight.

When we meditate it automatically reduces our stress levels. It relaxes the mind and the body. Meditation helps us to deal with our problems better and with more planning and organisation. As a result the stress vanishes. Meditation also ensures that we eat as much as the body requires. It helps the mind to control the body and its temptations. As a result there is an automatic decrease in calorie intake.

Diet and Yoga

In many meditations the students are told to take a particular diet. There are some foods that can increase negative energy in the body the students are told to avoid those. The diet which is rich in fruits and vegetables are often advised. The students are told not to eat fried food and sugary food as these often make the mind distracted. When you want to learn meditation well you must follow the food diet too.

This diet also ensures that the students eat healthy. When your food intake is healthy you will automatically be able to control the weight. Many people will give you a mixed response to the concept of losing weight by meditation. Some will say that you can lose weight very easily with meditation and some will say that meditation to lose weight does not work.

Be Patient (as in patience not as in sick)

As we have already explained you have to be patient and you will have to give it the time that is needed for the body to adjust to the change. Meditation is a change in the lifestyle. Your body and mind will take some time to adjust to this change. Only when you do it regularly will the mind and the body get used to the change. They will be able to understand and slowly they will respond to the meditation. There will be many responses that your body will show towards the meditation that you do. One of these responses will be reduction in weight. You must practice it for half an hour a day. Learn the meditation from a good teacher. Ask them if this can help you to reduce weight. Most of the meditations do have the capacity to get the weight under control.

Meditation and Obesity

I am sure you must have never seen anyone who regularly practices meditation obese (or very rarely). Initially when you start the meditation you will find it difficult to hold your concentration for more than five minutes. As you regularly and honestly practice under a teacher you will slowly be able to hold on the concentration a little longer. The clothes that you wear while meditating should be light in colour and comfortable.

When you are very busy it becomes very difficult to find time to exercise. You must be confused if you should walk a mile, do aerobics, join swimming, etc. The options are too many and you don’t know which the best option is. Well all you need to do is join a meditation class. Learn it for fifteen to twenty days. You can do it anywhere.

It does not matter if it is raining or snowing. All you do is wake up in the morning and do your meditation. You will slowly realise that apart from losing weight there are many other advantages of meditation that you will get to enjoy. It will help you to become healthier and mentally stronger too.

Can meditation help me lose weight!! Is a possibility if you follow the points that we have mentioned so far in this article. Just have the faith and the patience. I know you have only thirty minutes a day to take care of your health. Meditation is an all in all remedy for all your health and mental problems. You can get the maximum benefits from half an hour of meditation. The results will be much better compared to hitting the gym or walking. So what are you waiting for!

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