Types of Rudraksha

Types of Rudraksha

Having taken a look at the various benefits of Rudraksha, it is now time to delve further and take a look at the different types of Rudraksha and what is the significance of each type of Rudraksha.

Classification based on number of mukhas

The types of Rudraksha are determined from the number of mukhs it has. For those who do not understand a mukha is the face of the bead also known as n-mukhi Rudraksha The Rudraksha can have from one to twenty one mukhs. We will discuss about each of the mukhs so that you get a better idea of what each of these Rudrakshas signify and what they must be worn for:

  • The ek mukhi Rudraksha – It is the most auspicious of all the Rudrakshas. It symbolizes Lord Shiva himself.  This Rudraksha can bring peace of mind and help a person to concentrate better. When one wears the ek mukhi Rudraksha they will start to become more spiritual. They will not be affected by the materialistic world. It is mostly recommended to those who what to pursue the spiritual path and want to be a part of the universal power.
  • The do mukhi Rudraksha – The second in the list is the one with two mukhs. It is called the do mukhi Rudraksha. It is very good for people who are single and want to be in a relationship. It has a mystical power and can help a partner seek the ideal mate or partner. It is do mukhi Rudraksha and thus it helps in bringing two people together and making them one. It can help to maintain a good relationship between the parents and the child as well as between the husband and wife. The do mukhi Rudraksha is often recommended to couples who have a disturbed marriage.
  • The teen mukhi Rudraksha – This is the third type of Rudraksha that we will be discussing in this article. The teen mukhi Rudraksha has three mukhs. There are many benefits of this particular bead. The teen mukhi Rudraksha can help those who are having problem in real estate business. The teen mukhi Rudraksha can burn the sins of the previous birth. It can make a lazy person energetic. It can help to deal with the sins of the previous life. The teen mukhi Rudraksha is a life saver. It is a combination of the trinity that includes Brahma, Mahesh and Vishnu.
  • The char mukhi Rudraksha – as the name itself suggests these have four mukhs. Like the others it too has a unique quality. It is said that these beads have the qualities of Brahma. Brahma created the universe and has four heads. Anyone who wears the char mukhi Rudraksha will get the power of Brahma. They will start to show the wisdom and creativity of Brahma. They will start to learn better and be full of knowledge,
  • The panch mukhi Rudraksha – the panch mukhi Rudraksha is considered to be blessed by the five forms of Lord Shiva. It can save the wearer from different types of diseases and make them mentally as well as physically more healthy. It is considered to be a very strong bead often given to people for good health.
  • The chey mukhi Rudraksha – It is the Rudraksha with six mukhs. It helps to control anger and make a person feel more at peace with him and with the surroundings. It can improve positive energy and improve the will power of a person. The ruling lord of the chey mukhi Rudraksha is Lord Kartik the warrior son of Lord Shiva. The one who wears the chey mukhi Rudraksha will become better speakers and not lose control of what they are saying. It is very helpful for people who need diplomatic skills like businessmen, editors and journalists. The goddess Laksmi resides in these beads.
  • The saat mukhi Rudraksha – It is the Rudraksha with seven mukhs. It is very auspicious and it symbolises the seven seas. When someone wears this they get satisfaction. They will get enough of wealth, good luck and prosperity. This Rudraksha can get many opportunities to all. 
  • The aath mukhi Rudraksha – This Rudraksha has eight mukhs. It is a very strong and rare Rudraksha. It can bless the wearer with rare skills like writing skills, analytical skills and leadership qualities. This Rudraksha is governed by Lord Ganesh who is the lord of removing all obstacles.
  • The nau mukhi Rudraksha – this Rudraksha can remove all fears. It can be worn if you want to get rid of any fear including the fear of death. It can be worn on the left hand. It is ruled by the goddess Durga. It makes the wearer fearless. It can help to improve devotion. It can remove all sins.
  • The dus mukhi Rudraksha – The dus mukhi Rudraksha has ten mukhs or ten naturally formed lines on the surface. This bead is the representative of Lord Vishnu. Vishnu is the god who takes care of the whole universe and all the forces that rule the universe. The one who wears the dus mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by the lord Vishnu. He or she and their entire family are protected by the lord. One who wears this rudraksha will ensure that all the sins committed by the human organs are destroyed. The person who wears this rudraksha will be highly blessed.
  • The gyarah mukhi Rudraksha – Some people have a horoscope where there is no stability. They keep shifting jobs and cities. This rudraksha can bring stability into the life of the people. Some do not have confidence and are full of fear. They maybe well talented but just because they do not have confidence they tend to lose out on opportunities. The gyarah mukhi Rudraksha can help these people and ensure that they get more peace and stability in life. This rudraksha can also help to develop confidence. Some recommend that a business man must wear this rudraksha with the seven or eight mukhi rudraksha. The gyarah mukhi Rudraksha can help women to have a peaceful married life and provide long life to the husbands.
  • The barah mukhi Rudraksha – this is the rudraksha with twelve mukhs or lines. The ruler of this rudraksha is the sun lord. Anyone who wears this rudraksha mala will get more energy and become as brilliant as the sun. Imagine developing the qualities of the sun. That includes radiance, brilliance, strength and powerful. The barah mukhi Rudraksha as per astrology is recommended to those who have a sun in the horoscope that is not in a favourable position. If the sun is not placed in a good position people will suffer from poor eye sight, weak bones, anxiety and other diseases. If this barah mukhi Rudraksha is worn all these health related problems can be reduced. Sun is a planet that rules our career and professional life. If this barah mukhi Rudraksha then the problems in our professional life can also be reduced.
  • The terah mukhi Rudraksha – the next in the list is the terah mukhi Rudraksha which has thirteen natural lines. It has the power of lord Indra. It has the ability to bless the person wearing it with all the worldly happiness and desires. It can full fill all the desires. Lord Indra is considered a god with a very lavish lifestyle. The lord Indra was once blessed with Kaam dev that made him very attractive and impressive. Anyone who wears the terah mukhi Rudraksha can become successful in the fields of research and medicine.
  • The chaudah mukhi Rudraksha – The chaudah mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Shiva himself. Anyone who wears the chaudah mukhi Rudraksha will feel that he or she is in the company of Lord Shiva. The chaudah mukhi Rudraksha has the ability to awaken the ajna chakra that ensures a person can see into the future. It develops the intuitive powers. Especially helps to choose the perfect life partner. This can help the wearer to take better decisions and ensure that the wearer can stay away from all troubles that come from bad decisions. This is recommended to a person who is suffering from sade saathi or a bad phase of Shani.
  • The pandrah mukhi Rudraksha – The rudraksha with fifteen natural lines formed on it is called the pandrah mukhi Rudraksha. The pandrah mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Pashupathinath, who is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. He can control the animal instincts among us and make us better humans. The pandrah mukhi Rudraksha can help the wearer to ensure that they remain focused. This can be worn for both spiritual and economic progress.
  • The solah mukhi Rudraksha – The solah mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Lord Rama. This Rudraksha is a very special and blessed one. It is said that anyone who wears this Rudraksha will be protected from all the natural calamities. Especially the saints who live in forests they need protection from heat and cold. When this Rudraksha is worn they are protected from fire, theft and robbery. It ensures that the wearer gets success in whatever he or she does. It can help the person wearing it to reach their maximum potential.
  • The satrah mukhi Rudraksha – The satrah mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Lord Vishwakarma. Lord Vishwakarma is the builder of the world. He is the god who possesses engineering skills. It can help to attain unexpected money and profits. It can help to get better vehicles and physical assets.
  • The atharah mukhi Rudraksha – The atharah mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by mother Earth. This bead can protect the person wearing it. A woman who wears the atharah mukhi Rudraksha can ensure that the unborn child is protected from all evil and negative forces. It is highly recommended for women who have a high risk pregnancy. If a person is suffering from Kapha dosha this can be an ideal Rudraksha for them.
  • The unnis mukhi Rudraksha – The ruler of the unnis mukhi Rudraksha is Lord Narayana. This is a very special Rudraksha. It ensures that the wearer is blessed by Lord Narayana. As a result there is no scarcity in the life of the person who is wearing it. If Mercury is placed in a very bad position in the horoscope of the person this Rudraksha can be quite helpful. It is like a protection shield and can protect the wearer from all the negative influences.
  • The bees mukhi Rudraksha – This rudraskha represents Vishwasu Sadhu and Narayana. This is a Rudraksha that is mostly worn by the saints. This can help to reach higher in the spiritual path and help in self-realization. Anyone who wears this is blessed by Lord Shiva and whatever the person says becomes the truth. It can help to attain moksha. It can also help from snake bite and poison that is one reason why the saints living in the jungle used to wear it.
  • The ikkis mukhi Rudraksha – The ikkis mukhi Rudraksha represents Omkar. One of the most powerful Rudraksha. It can protect and preserve the universe. It has been doing so in the past and will continue to do so in the future. This bead is blessed by the trinity and also by all the gods and goddesses. It can bring immense peace and satisfaction to the person wearing it. At the end this Rudraksha ensures that one gets moksha. It can also help men who are suffering from problems of the reproductive organs.
  • Gauri Sankar Rudraksha – This is the last type of Rudraksha and also the rarest one. It is considered to be the combination of goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. It is basically two Rudraskha that are joined with each other naturally. This represents the mind and the soul and is a very rare form of rudraksha. It helps in meditation and connects a person to the universal power. One of the most expensive Rudraksha. It can be worn both by the saints as well as by a person who is a family man. For a saint it can help to attain spiritual goals and for a family man it can provide a lot of peace and happiness.

These are all the different types of Rudrakshas that you will often see. Mukhi basically means natural likes that are formed on the Rudraksha. These lines help to understand the worth of the Rudraksha. Each of the Rudraksha has a certain quality and they can help the wearer with a number of benefits. We hope that this article will help you to get a better idea about the types of the Rudrakshas and how each of these can have an effect on your mental, physical and emotional health.

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