The Power of Giving: A Minor but Real Incident

The Power of Giving: A Minor but Real Incident


This post might seem ordinary to international viewers but those in the Asian subcontinent would realize its importance. Actually most police officials in these regions have a reputation of being corrupt and inhumane. Yet this small incident shows that good people can be anywhere and more importantly how the power of giving can transform your life. That is exactly the spiritual message that we want to emphasize through this post. You can also read an article on the “Mahima of daan punya” which explains the concept of giving from the spiritual perspective.

The universal spirit which exists within us all knows no race, religion or job

No matter who you are, what you are, such an act will surely give you heart throb

This short story goes to show how even the strongest of heart has the same feeling within

Helping a stranger without expecting anything, gives you joy beyond even any kith n kin

Just make sure you share whatever possible with all those who are suffering and all those who need

Dont pass along the way of life, with so much suffering and you not paying any attention or heed

One might say if I keep helping all and any, I wont have any time left for me, neither will I grow

Yet the great sages tell us, that is the only way to progress, for you reap only what you sow

This has to be understand from the karmic point of view, you are merely an output of what you do

For when this life ends, so do the material possessions, only the karmas will take you through

It is not unwise to save for this life, and have a desire to get more and more

Yet despite being in this competitive race, dont forget to see what you store

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