Spiritual Physics: The Diminishing Boundaries Of Science (Physics) & Metaphysics

Spiritual Physics: The Diminishing Boundaries Of Science (Physics) & Metaphysics

While the so called religious people are busy fighting with each other (generally speaking not always), science which is supposedly the other extreme end of religion (or rather say Spiritualism) is silently but steadily coming closer to where it should be as explained by the seers and rishis ages ago.  The concepts outlined in scriptures including the vedas, many times scorned by the so called educated people are actually being slowly proven true by modern science.

Future, Present & Past: The Dilemma of Time

When the ancient seers tell us that time is just an illusion and present, past and future are all here, it seems more of a philosophical thing rather than a scientific fact, but experiments have actually indicated that future can affect the past, a strange statement for the normal people.

So what is this all about and what is the scientific basis for this statement. In a recent study published in the peer reviewed Nature Physics Journal, it has been amply demonstrated that time is a strange phenomenon and whatever happens or might happen could be affected by what is going to happen in the future. Now this seems something strange to understand as we can easily grasp that past or current actions affect the future but how can it be the other way round. So let us try to understand what is meant by this and how this is proved.

The Experiments

Experiments were conducted which proved this theory and they were the Double Slit experiment and which showed that the photons (particles which make up light) did not have a characteristic of their own unless they were “observed” and that they seemed to know well in advance whether they would be observed and interfered with or not. These experiments have been published in Nature Physics and Digital Journal and the technical details will not be given in full here to avoid complexity but broadly speaking they indicated that matter is not only intelligent but also had the potential to find out what happens in the future.



Given below is the image of the scientist who has a major role to play in this research and goes by the name of Dr Andrew Truscott who has been working on this for years along with his team from the ANU Research School of Physics and Engineering @ Canberra University, Australia.

Dr Andrew Truscott

Dr Andrew Truscott

These experiments have been repeated using laser technology and Helium atoms and same results were observed. Actually two laser beams acted as grates through which Helium atoms passed and it was observed that whenever the second grate was inserted, the photons transformed to waves while they were in particle format when only one grate was present. The main surprise in this was that the photons seemed to know prior to the insertion of the second grate if it would be inserted or not and it worked every time, each time.

Wisdom From Seers

Did not our seers say that matter is just a single aspect of existence and there are many levels of subtle nature and that time is nothing but an illusion. Of course science is much far behind though it is slowly catching up and finally the world will realize that those who seemingly sat idle in the sun-burnt land did not do such acts in vain but there are things in realm beyond the ordinary which are not comprehensible by the senses.

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