Warrior: No Retreat – No Surrender

Warrior: No Retreat – No Surrender


Life is only worth living if you have lived as a warrior, in life and in death

When there is no fear, there is a will to succeed in your each and every breath

Remember the rules – no retreat and no surrender, come what may in life

You have win or you must die, there is no turning back in the face of strife

This is the message which Krishna gave in the battle of Panipat in those ages

The same message is echoed by the wise of all lands, by our own ancient sages

Freedom is the key to fearlessness, let there be no bondage or temptation to bind

Yet the warrior is not ruthless, behind the outside shell, there is someone so kind

A slave can be defeated but not a warrior who fights out of love, duty and dharma

For such a brave warrior, there is no death even after dying, it is the true karma

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