Shaheedi Diwas Guru Arjan Dev Ji

Shaheedi Diwas Guru Arjan Dev Ji


Today as we remember the Shaheedi Dihara of this great soul

Tears come into the eyes if you hear story of His martyrdom whole

He was a benevolent Saintly King who endured sufferings for us all

It was due to his sacrifices, that with pride we can stand tall

He was forced by Jahangir to convert and His life he will spare

Yet He remained unmoved, no one could change Him, no one dare

He was a true sikh who gave up his life for the sake of all His praja

He did not even blink an eye, all tortures were done, so much saja

We salute this Saint who was the 5th in lineage of Gurus so great

Without the likes of Him imagine what would have been our fate

Let us remind ourselves on this day, not to give up in face of fear

For even at the cost of our lives, we should hold on to what is dear

WaheGuruji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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