Navratris: Mother Divine in Flesh and Blood

Navratris: Mother Divine in Flesh and Blood

When the entire nation is singing hyms of the Mother Divine

Out there in some remote area, there is another type of shrine

Where the same mother is helpless, aged and without any care

If you want to help, just do something, not just like and share

It is pious to Pray to the Goddess of knowledge, health n wealth

However also remember who is the real Goddess yet stealth

It is time that people realize during Navratris about this fact

They will neither sin nor will they indulge in any such act

For just remember that the law of karma will take strict action

Society and law may not notice, but universe will give a reaction

It is kaliyuga, agreed, yet do not be such a rakshas o ye humane

That combined so many children cant care, isnt it simply insane

There are many excuses, we dont have money, resources or time

Yet the only requirement is that of patience and love sublime

When you realize the universal creator cared for you in their form

Then this trend will break, which is turning into a usual norm

To send them to old age homes when they are so weak and frail

The creator will just cry, with so many to hear, the tearful tale

Yet the eyes of the so called modern educated people are blind

They go distances far, queue in temples, what happiness they find

Make a resolve this Navratris, that the aged mother you will care

Their blessings will create such a shield, nothing evil will ever dare

To come and spoil your mind, and you will always be blessed in life

Even if challenges come,  you will be able to overcome all strife

Maa Durga, MaKaali, Adi Shakti and all the forms of Devi will smile

If you understand this connection so subtle and sublime, even for a while

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