Knowledge Is Power: Since Ancient Times Till Today

Knowledge Is Power: Since Ancient Times Till Today


Many things are necessary for survival and growth, most prominent is knowledge or gyan

The ancient seers could see that reality, they realized this truth in deep trance or dhyan

The company which you keep matters a lot, so choose your company with thought and care

If you have the right company, no harmful influence can touch you, it cannot just dare

There is no age to learn, just start when you get time and you find that are wide awake

For if you realize and then you dont do it, it will be a blunder, a serious and heavy mistake

Just see the example of someone who was just illiterate and did not care for anything more

It was only in the company of the wise, that he realized that his illiteracy was a sore

The power of knowledge brings up new light, it washes down all your karmas and sins

You then realize that you are an entirely new being, even if same are your kith and kins

Learn and always try to gain new knowledge, there is nothing which is the limit you can call

Then only you will have some wisdom, then only in this world you can stand tall

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