Happy Bakr-Id To All

Happy Bakr-Id To All


On this day of Bakr-Id we wish all our Muslim brethren the happinest & very best

They are such a warrior tribe, though many times they have been put to severe test

Let happiness spread in your homes, this is the wish from all of us on the day

Let our brotherhood be maintained and let it constantly grow no matter come what may

The main purpose of Bakr-Id is to serve as a reminder to those who have gone astray

That there is only one path to Allah, to have redemption, there is no other easy way

You have to repent for your sins, you have to ask forgiveness from Almighty day and night

That is why the Holy Quran is read 5 times a day, to always be in Allah’s rehmat and sight

Let us remember the Great Prophet who walked on this Earth ages ago, Islam still lives

It is only due to His Grace and the Almighty’s blessings, so abundantly He gives


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