Charan Sparsh: The Culture

Charan Sparsh: The Culture


It is a tradition in the Oriental world to touch the feet of anyone who is senior and respectable especially in age. While many of the Occidental residents have difficulty in appreciating and understanding the science and philosophy behind it, even the younger generation of the East are also forgetting this culture.

You can also check out our detailed article on touching feet of elders on our website. Here are a few lines dedicated to touching the feet of your elders.

There are many traditions and customs of the ancient past

Which are nearly extinct or are just seeing their last

One such golden tradition is to touch the feet of elders and they say God Bless

The number of youth who follow this, is certainly becoming less and less

Remember it will destroy many negative vibrations and bring good to to you all

The blessings you receive will multiply many times, and you will stand tall

Even those who touch the feet do it with just one hand, this is not the way right

Touch with both your hands like in the picture, and just see your future bright

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