You Can Be Destroyed But Not Defeated

You Can Be Destroyed But Not Defeated

Victory Always


It is easy to accept defeat when things do not go right

Because it seems difficult to wait till things turn bright

Yet you must always remember despite all odds all the time

If you lose hope and faith, it will be no less than a heinous crime

For it is an insult to the all powerful universal consciousness within

Which has the power to take you unscathed through all thick and thin

Know not age, know not weariness, know not defeat, keep such strong will

Keep going despite falling, no matter how steep the climb, how high the hill

For success and victory only come to those who have this attitude in life

Who are not defeated by any situation, no matter the circumstances or strife

At the most you can be destroyed, but that is still not the final end

It is just another beginning, just another corner on the road, another bend

Unless you have the passion to reach the goal, no matter come what may

Unless you have the determination to give it all, even if you life you have to lay

Then the goal will come in search of you, and the universe will be at your command

As a Child of The Universal Spirit, you dont beg, its your birthright, you just demand


(Based on thoughts of Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda Ji in rhyme form)


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