Yoga vs Namaz: Religion vs Metaphysics

Yoga vs Namaz: Religion vs Metaphysics

What is there to argue over Namaz or Yoga, what is there to fight

Every religion leads to the same ultimate goal, same Divine light

It is only the politicians and dharam gurus who see it as cause for worry

For the true saints and sages, there is such confusion, no such hurry

To defend or despise the other form of practice is just their own self interest

A person who just follows the inner religion, only the Supreme he does trust

There is no difference whether you do namaz or yoga, or just do another form

There is no hard and fast fixed rule, no strictures, nothing, not a norm

It is just the dive within, which will take you to the higher plane

Else this is just a dogmatic fight, this is just silly just insane

All religions are equal, nothing is superior for everything is same reflection

So just stay in harmony, why do you quarrel, why all this hue, cry and inflection

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