Till Your Last Breath: Keep Trying

Till Your Last Breath: Keep Trying

Many of us ask, my dreams have not been achieved

Life has not worked out as desired, as perceived

Most of us give up in desperation and lose hope

And think after a certain date, there is no scope

Dreams dont come with an expiry date, just remember

You have to start afresh, be it January or December

If you really want to achieve something, give it your all

Do not despair nor get discouraged, after every fall

The world will make fun and discourage at every odd

No one will believe you, everyone will hurt a shod

That is the only time you need to believe in your own

Just realize you have the ability of a king, not a pawn

When things go wrong, when world is upside down

When everyone is unhappy, making faces and frown

That is the time  you should be happy and just smile

For what wrong can go further, think for a while

When you are at the lowest ebb, be ready for the rise

So say the Saints and sages, so say the worldly wise

If you give up today, you will regret rest of your life

What harm is there if you continue despite strife

You have nothing to lose that is the time you just fight

Do not pity yourself at all, no matter what the plight

From that struggle all the flowers will grow

Dont bother what abuses people throw

Keep a positive attitude and keep chasing your dream

Only if you keep churning, milk will yield the cream

You have infinite power within you, just get in touch

Just Pray to Divine, to give you a realization such

Let it be the most glorious fight of your life ever

Fight like a warrior, as no one has done never

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