Lord Shiva In Meditation: The Bholenath

Lord Shiva In Meditation: The Bholenath

Lord Shiva Meditation

Lord Shiva is known in many forms, the Supreme Divine

Each of His forms has a deep significance, subtle and sublime

The four hands seen in this form seem a heavenly sight

The forehead is shining with aura of meditation, so light and bright

They signify the fourfold paths of union with the self called the Yoga

Only by Bhakti, Gyan, Karma or Raja path, can one overcome bhoga

It signifies a part of the Shakti Ardhnareeshwar, Divine Mother

This is a beatific phenomenon which has not match, none other

So let us take meditate on this royal form which is above all

When a Sufi is absorbed in this form it leads to the state “Ahwaal”

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