What Is Kal Sarpa Dosha?

What Is Kal Sarpa Dosha?

Most of us know even a little bit about horoscopes and astrology must have heard about kaal sarpa dosha or kal sharpa yoga. So let us try to understand what it means from the technical perspective means from the point of view of relative positions of different planets in the horoscope

What is Kaal Sarpa Dosha or Yoga?

Kal sarpa dosha is a state in the horoscope when all the nine planets fall between the two planets Rahu and Ketu. Even if one planet it outside then there is no kal sarpa dosha. The traditional astrologers are of the opinion that this dosha can be very dangerous and also remove the effects of all the good yogas.

Kal Sarpa Yoga

Kal Sarpa Yoga

We however differ in our opinion we will now tell you exactly why. We will now discuss a little more on the same and how you can remove or minimize the effect of this dosha from your horoscope.

It Is Not Always Bad

It will not be wrong to say that kal sarpa dosha can also be helpful to people. It has been observed that many famous celebrities also have kal sarpa dosha in their kundali. Moreover it is very beneficial to those who practice spirituality and religion. Most people who are born in February have this dosha although it can occur in other months also. The kal sarpa dosha generally is combined with raj yoga as well (we will study raj yoga in a separate post). If this is the case then the person will surely reach the zenith of success and popularity in whatever field they choose.

Types of Kaal Sarpa Yoga

The kal sarpa yoga can be of many types. It can be anant kal sarpa yoga and also shesh kal sarpa yoga. Depending on the strength of the kal sarpa yoga the remedy is suggested. The country of India interestingly got independence at a time when there was kal sarpa yoga. The then prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru also had this in his horoscope. The yoga of kal sarpa can also do wonders for people. We just mean to say that don’t be dejected if you have it in your horoscope.

Rahu & Ketu Planets

You must be wondering how Rahu and Ketu are planets? Well they are not planets exactly rather they are shadow planets. In all horoscopes these planets are found. They are at the two extreme end of the solar system. They are evil planets and when they are at the two ends of the nine planets the native suffer from kal sarpa dosha. This is why the presence of these planets can affect the individual relationships of a person and it can also lead to a lot of emotional and mental stress.

Influence of Rahu & Ketu

Rahu has a higher influence on the native if he or she has the moon sign of Gemini. If the sign is Sagittarius the influence is much lesser. In case of Ketu it has a higher influence on Sagittarius and a low influence on Gemini.

This is why it is said that the impact of the kal sarpa dosha vary from person to person depending on the zodiac sign.

  • The friendly stars for Rahu are Saturn, Mercury and Venus.
  • The enemy stars are Sun, Moon and Mars.
  • Jupiter is a neutral planet in Kal sarpa dosha.
  • Ketu is friendly with Mars.
  • Sun and Saturn are enemies to Ketu.
  • Both Rahu and Ketu are opposite to each other.
  • Rahu is the head of the snake and Ketu is the tail.

Just imagine that all your planets are placed between the head and the tail of the snake as you suffer from Kal Sarpa Dosha.

Belief Related to Snake Killing

The belief is that when one suffers from Kal Sarpa Dosha it is the result of killing a cobra in previous life. If you have this dosha in your horoscope then you should stay away from snakes. You have a high possibility of being attacked by them. You may also dream of snakes at times. However, don’t take it very seriously.

How To Get Rid of Kaal Sarpa Dosha?

Now that you know all about the Kal sarpa dosha let us tell you how you can get rid of its ill effects. The first point is when you have a dosha in your kundali it is basically a price that you are paying for a previous life sin. All that you have to do is follow the required remedies and it will definitely help you.

We will list down some remedies that you can follow when you have this dosha. We are not saying that it will completely remove this dosha. However, if you follow them regularly the impact of this dosha can be reduced by eighty five per cent.

A Myth About Kal Sarpa Yoga

These days there is a popular myth is that when you do Puja in Sri Trambakeshwar in Nasik, Maharasthra the kal sarpa yoga is removed. Well this was not mentioned in the Shiv Puran ever. You can do the puja in any part of the world it does not matter that you have to go to the Jyotirling of Trambakeshwar. Of course Sri Tramakeshwar is an immensely holy place of Lord Shiva but we only want to say that it is not the only place do get rid of this dosha. So let us now study the different steps or tips to get rid of this dosha.

Tulsi Plant Pooja

The first step would be to plant a Tulsi in your house and water it every day. Try to read the Sarpa sukta every day. This will definitely help you to reduce the impact of this dosha. The Sarpa sukta can be downloaded online or you can watch this video below

Kal Hasti Temple Pooja

If you want to do a special puja for kal sarpa dosha you can do it in Kal Hasti Shiva temple near Tirupati. You can also do it in Allahabad and Kedarnath apart from Trambakeshwar.

There are also few short tips as follows

  1. You can chant the mantra Om Namah Shivaya as many times as possible in a day.
  2. Try to do the nag panchami vrata. You can also fast on this day and ensure that you get what you want.
  3. Some people suffering from this dosha also wear a snake shaped ring for better results.
  4. You can also use a kal sarpa yantra and worship the same on a daily basis if you are suffering from this dosha.
  5. Placing peacock wings in your house and office can reduce the impact of this dosha.
  6. You can donate radish and also place coal pieces in flowing water to reduce the effects of this dosha.
  7. You can do Maha Mrityunjay Jap and Rahu Ketu Jap for good results.
  8. You can do the same yourself or you can also ask a priest to help you in the same.
  9. You can also place coconut in the flowing water.
  10. Feeding barley seeds to the birds can also help.
  11. If you have a strong kal sarpa dosha then you can also give proper shardha to your forefathers during pitri paksha.
  12. Regular prayers to god and visiting temples can also help you a lot to get rid of this dosha.
  13. Before you take bath chant the Shiva up asana and the Rudra sukta.
  14. Try to donate seven types of food grains on the day of Solar and Lunar eclipse.
  15. You can also chant the mantra Om Ra Rahve Namah for good results in this case.
  16. You can also make an idol of snake from wheat and lentil and worship it for a year. After that you can throw the same into the flowing water.
  17. Chanting both Rahu and Ketu Mantras for one hundred and eight times a day can really help you.
  18. Try to worship Lord Ganesh and Saraswati for better results. Ganesh will remove all obstacles that come on your way and Saraswati will help you to take better decisions. Saraswati is worshipped for Rahu and Ganesh for Ketu.
  19. You can also pour milk and water on a Shivling and do Rudra Jap. All these can be a good solution. Shiva is very closely associated with snakes. This is exactly why if you can please Lord Shiva the impact of Kal sarpa dosha can really minimise. You can also rub curd on a shivling every Monday and chant HarHar Mahadev.
  20. You can wear a Gomed as a stone in your fingers it can reduce the influence of Rahu.
  21. You can also place a silver or mercury Shivling in your house and worship the same.
  22. Wearing a silver cobra can also help you to reduce the impact of the kal sarpa dosha.
  23. If you are a non vegetarian then you can try to have chicken or mutton on Saturday evening. This can calm down Rahu, Ketu and Saturn at the same time.

We have listed about two dozen methods that you can follow in order to reduce the effects of the Kal sarpa dosha. However, it is not possible to do all these at the same time. What you can do is select the few which are most convenient to you and follow them to get better results. You must do at least one or two of these twenty methods suggested. If you try to follow more than these you may not get the desired results since you will not be able to do so much in routine everyday life along with your other daily activities and work etc.

You can also consult a good astrologer in order to reduce the impact of this dosha. We hope that you have by now got a good idea of this dosha and the remedies. We wish you all the best in dealing with this dosha. Do keep in mind that it is not the most horrible things on a horoscope. It is just a dosha that you have acquired and you can get rid of it considerably if the points that we have mentioned are followed.


Video Courtesy: Soma Matha Youtube Channel

Image Courtesy: Divine Rudraksha Site

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