My Astrology Guide: 6th, 7th, 8th Houses: Horoscope Tutorial III

My Astrology Guide: 6th, 7th, 8th Houses: Horoscope Tutorial III

In this third tutorial on horoscopes and my astrology guide, find out about the various permanent houses in vedic astrology and their significance. Check here for our tutorial II




My Astrology Guide

My Astrology Guide

Ketu and Mercury occupy the 6th house i.e. The underworld. It is the house for enemies. If they are alone it is good and benefic. If they jointly occupy this house, ketu (Son) become malefic whereas, Mercury (daughter) is benefic. Ketu is debilitating and Rahu is exalted in this house.  The house also governs maternal uncles, mental worries, god of death, fear of misfortunes, enemies, wounds, hostilities, etc.


  • If house no.6 is vacant, it is good. Planet in no. 2 aspects in a friendly manner in no. 6.
  • All the planets (except Sun, Jupiter and Moon) in this house give the effect of the permanent house. Sun, Moon and Jupiter will give the Rashi result i.e., their effect is to be judged according to their Rashis (signs).
  • Saturn in no.6 is retrograde and adversely aspects the 2nd house.
  • Mars in no.4 is no longer malefic, if Sun or Moon occupies the 6th house.
  • Mercury and Rahu, considered exalted in no.6 will never be malefic nor will they adversely affect the no. 2 and the Kendra’s i.e., no.1, 4, 7 &10.




Marriage, wealth, spouse & love are the hallmarks of this house.  It is the house of Laxmi. Mercury, Venus and Saturn are exalted in this house and confer all material & conjugal blessings, Sun in this house and sign is debilitating.

Marriage, sexual intercourse including extra marital affairs, passion, domestic harmony, urinary troubles, partnership, sex organs etc. can also be judged from this house.




It is the house of death and Mars – its lord is totally malefic. When this house is out to harm, the 2nd and 6th houses also join it to destroy the man. In that case, 12th house is the arbitrator. If moon, Saturn and Mars are placed individually in the horoscope, the results are beneficial, otherwise bad. If any Male planets (Sun, Jupiter, and Mars) either individually or together, are placed in this house, it will then not be the house of death. Scorpio is the emblem of death, which no body can conquer except Sun or Jupiter. Even Moon in Scorpion becomes debilitating and leads to hysteric epilepsy and ailments of the heat. It also denotes longevity, death, cause and place of death, violence, accidents, genitals, anus, impediments, mutilation of a limb, ailments etc.


  • By poetic justice we mean that the evil doer will definitely be punished. No element of mercy or compassion will be involved. It is sheer tit for tat. If you kill some one’s child, your child must also be killed.
  • If no. 8 is occupied by Sun, Jupiter or Moon individually or jointly (whether any two of them or all three), house no. 8 will not aspect no. 2 and 12. In order words it will be confined to no. 8 only death will be conquered by Sun, Jupiter and Moon.
  • Saturn, Mars or Moon, if alone in this house always brings good results; but if they are jointly placed – whether all the three or any two of them – the results are bad. Saturn is the cause of death; Moon destroys health and money; and Malefic Mars in conjunction with no. 2-6 spells doom and disaster. Mercury no. 8 is always malefic; mars no. 8 is usually malefic, but both Mars and Mercury in no.8 are good, provided no. 2 is not occupied by Saturn; otherwise Mars will be totally malefic.
  • If the planet occupying no.11 in the birth chart occupies no. 8 or 11 in the annual chart, one must not buy new materials pertaining to planet in no. 11 otherwise it will bring about loss of money and health. If one has to purchase such goods he must also buy toys and sports material for children. That will off-set the bad effect and will change it in top good luck.

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