Astrology & Human Life: The Interconnection

Astrology & Human Life: The Interconnection

We all like to know what the future has in store for us. As soon as a child in born in India the exact time of birth is recorded by the doctors and later horoscopes are prepared. Some babies are also named as per the alphabets that appear in their birth chart so that it can bring them more luck. Astrology is an old science. In this article we will discuss in details about how it can have an impact on human life.

It is an inexact science that has been touching our lives in many ways. Some people believe in it and some feel that it is not something that must be taken seriously. If it was a serious field of science it would have been taught in universities. Well it cannot be considered as science because there are no factual data that can be provided to support the studies of astrology.


Let us try to look at the different aspects of astrology and how it can touch the lives of the people. Astrology studies the position of the planets and how they can influence the activities that are happening in the life of the people on earth. With the help of the planetary positions astrologers try to predict the future of the people. The astrologers feel that the universe is a manifestation of human will and as a result it can be interpreted in many ways. Whatever is happening in the heavens can influence the activities on earth and people living on earth.

Horoscope is the tool on which astrology is based

Astrologers prepare a birth chart and a horoscope based on the time of birth of the person. This birth chart is the tool on which the predictions are made in astrology. An astrologer will not be able to predict the future of a person if he does not have a birth chart. Always ensure that you have a proper birth chart with you as per the correct time and place of your birth. If you do not then the results will not be right. This horoscope is also called the map of the hour. We will try to discuss each aspect of the birth chart in this article now so that the readers can get a better idea of what we are trying to say.

What is Sun-sign?

If you are into astrology you must have heard about Sun-sign. What exactly is sun sign? The earth revolves around the sun. It takes a year to finish one revolution. The sign or the constellation against which the sun appears on the day of the birth of a person is called the sun-sign. The sun-sign is a vital aspect of birth chart. It ensures the characteristics of the person. We have often heard people say that “I am a Leo” or “I am a Gemini”. These are based on the sun-sign of the person. Sun represents the creative life force.

The rising sign or the lagna

It takes 24 hours or one day for the earth to rotate on its axis. Based on this we have the second most important point of the horoscope that is the lagna. The sunrise point on the horoscope of each person is different. The sign at the time of birth is called the rising sun or the lagna. This ensures that the horoscope is further divided into twelve houses and it is also called the ascendant.

The three classification of astrology

We will now discuss how astrology can be divided into three parts. These are:

  1. Natal astrology – This astrology tries to analyse the character of the person and predict the future of the person on the basis of the horoscope itself. It is the most popular form of astrology.
  2. Horary astrology – This astrology takes into consideration that the horoscope of the moment can determine the importance of that moment itself. In this case the astrologer will prepare the chart as per the moment based on the question asked at that moment. Based on this horoscope the astrologer makes the prediction. This is a difficult study and only few astrologers can do it very well.
  3. Mundane astrology – This astrology deals with happenings that are beyond an individual. It studies the occurrence of floods, earthquakes and other natural calamities. This is not a very common field of study.

We hope that now you understand the basic things that make up a birth chart or a horoscope. Based on these aspects the astrologers interpret the future of a person. Sometime the planets are in favourable position as a result they bring good times for the individuals and sometimes the situation is very bad as per the planets and they can bring bad luck.

It is how you treat the birth chart. We do make our own destiny and do not consider the birth chart to be the end all of life. Use it as a tool that can help you make more of the situation you are in and that can help you to prepare for bad times more effectively. It is important that we understand why astrology started to develop and is such a multi-billion dollar industry today. It definitely has something very serious about it that has helped it to sustain for so many years and it will definitely continue to hold a good place in our lives even in the generations to come.


An inexact science

Astrology is an inexact science because each of us have a different horoscope and as a result the same planetary positions may have a different result in the life of each and every individual. For example a medicine will by default have the same effect on the health of a patient no matter what. However, in astrology the treatment of the same problem each person may be different.

What works for one might not work for the other. Some may not trust astrology and may say that it is just a way to fool people. However, it is true that study of astrology is not easy and not that many people know astrology well enough. Some people may be good in this study of planets and some may not understand it well.

It is important that you consult a proper astrologer who is good in the field. Whatever solution you are trying must be given some time to work. It is not like a magic that it will work overnight. Give it a few months and only then you can see the results. You must trust the astrologer completely like you do a doctor. It is always better to consult and follow one astrologer. As astrology is an inappropriate science it might be interpreted in a different way by two astrologers as a result the solutions given by two astrologers might be very different.

Astrology can definitely work and it can try to solve the problem you are facing. A good astrologer will tell you that they are not Gods and they cannot change destiny. For example if it is going to rain astrology cannot stop the rains but it can tell you that what type of umbrella you must carry so that you do not get wet in the rains.

Astrology cannot make a poor person rich or a failed person successful this can only be achieved by hard work. What it can do is tell you what will ensure that you face fewer hardships on your path. We hope that this post will ensure that you start looking at astrology in a new perspective all together.

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