All About Virgo Man

All About Virgo Man

Virgo man is one who is born from end of August to the mid of September. If this Valentine’s Day you are planning to impress the Virgo man then this article on “all about Virgo man” will be a great help to you.

We will start with the basic nature of the Virgo man and then move on to how you can go about to impress the Virgo man. The fact that a Virgo is symbolized by a woman symbol does not mean that Virgo man is a weak person.



Traits of a Virgo Man

He is a practical and he will always see things without any sugar coating. He is hardworking and an extremely down to earth person. He does not understand why people should get even a little emotional in any situation. He can be a little reserved in nature.

The Virgo man is born intelligent and he can take very smart decisions. Like all other signs the Virgo man also has a lot of negative traits. He can be very critical and may take a long time to admit his love for the partner.

However, if you have won the heart of the Virgo man then you can rest assured that he will always be honest to you and take care of you. He will be faithful and dedicated no doubt. In one word you can completely trust your Virgo man. They can be good as husbands and takes good care of the family.

We will now discuss how you can go about impressing the Virgo man based on their astrological characteristics.

  1. You must look classy and dignified. The Virgo man will not fall for a woman who is cheap and easily available. You must dress up well and carry yourself in style so that the Virgo man gets attracted to you.
  2. The Virgo man likes his family and is very attached to it. If you want to win over the Virgo man meet his family and try to impress his family members. He will really appreciate this gesture of yours. You can also make him meet your family. He likes women who are family oriented.
  3. Like all other men Virgo man likes women who have good bodies. However, they prefer intellegence more and look for women who are intelligent and can meet their mental abilities. If you are dumb then it may be quite difficult for you to impress the Virgo man.
  4. The Virgo man is faithful and he expects the same from his partner. So be faithful and dedicated to him. If you cheat him you may lose him forever. He will never cheat the person he loves and he expects the same from the partner too. Virgo man is flirty by nature but when they commit into a serious relationship they will not be flirting around for sure.
  5. The Virgo man is not the confident type. He may be the best in the field but he will spend a lot of time thinking if he is good enough. He will also think if I say this what will people think about me, etc. However, if you can make him feel more confident in himself and make him realise how wonderful as a person he is he will automatically fall for you and start having more faith in you. When he starts to depend on you it will be very easy for you to keep the Virgo man with you forever.
  6. The Virgo man may not like to fight for small things as a result they will try to give in to what you say. Slowly they will withdraw and become unhappy. You must try to understand what it exactly that the Virgo man wants is and what will make him happy. When you get to know this you will be able to make a stronger relationship with the Virgo man. The Virgo man may not always say what exactly he wants. You will have to understand what he is trying to say. This will keep you both happy.

    Virgo Man

    Virgo Man

  7. The last point that you must know here is listen to the Virgo man. The Virgo man likes to talk and they will tell you about things that are important to them. If he asks for a suggestion give a matured and well thought reply. If you talk nonsense the Virgo man may lose his interest in you. Listen to the Virgo man carefully and follow what he is trying to say. If you can put up an intelligent conversation with the Virgo man then half of the battle is won for you.
  8. One thing that will never work on the Virgo man is emotional blackmail. If you start crying and you want something the Virgo man will not bend. He does not like women who get emotional too easily and use tears to get what they want in life. They like women who are strong and who practical like him. So remember if you want your Virgo man to do something make the argument logical and not shed tears. Logical arguments are very attractive to the Virgo man.
  9. The Virgo man likes freedom. He will not like people asking him too many questions on what were he doing and where he was. Give him the space that he wants and he will come back to you. If you are too possessive and try to hold on to him then he will only run away from you.
  10. The Virgo man likes good smell. So always try to smell nice to him. The house should smell well and it will make him happy. He does not like women who are clumsy and do not take any effort to dress up well.
  11. You must ensure that you groom well. Even a small stain in your dress can be visible to the Virgo man who has an eye for perfection. The Virgo man likes women who are dignified. If you use the F word and are always talking rudely to others the Virgo man will not like to look at you seriously. To impress him you must appear to be refined and well mannered. “What will you teach the children” is what the Virgo man will think. He always looks at the women he is interested as the mother of his children. He should be able to respect the woman he marries.
  12. The Virgo man likes charity and helps those who need it the most. If you want to impress the Virgo man you can discuss with him a similar passion that you share. You can tell him how you have also helped people who needed more support. This will really impress the Virgo man and make him interested in you.
  13. The Virgo man is a hard worker. We can give you list of examples of Virgo men who have worked hard and climbed the corporate ladder. They love the job and are very loyal to their employers. Many have the record of retiring in the same organisation that they had joined in. If you talk to the Virgo man about how unhappy you are with the job that you are doing or you curse your boss the Virgo man will start losing interest in you. He cannot relate to people who do not love their jobs and are not hard working. The Virgo man is one who can talk about work even after a hard day of work. You can ask him for suggestions and solutions to your job related problems and you will see how happy and relaxed he is in these conversations.
  14. The Virgo man is reserved and he cannot express his emotions. You must ensure that you ask them out for a date. You can also ask him his feelings for you. He will give you a very practical answer that will not express any emotions. This is possible even when he is terribly in love with you. The Virgo man has a heart of gold and he can do anything for those he loves. Inability to express his emotions is the only negative aspect in his personality. If you observe the Virgo man closely you will notice that he actually cares a lot for you.
  15. Always be on time when you are dating the Virgo man. He appreciates punctuality a lot. You can take him for a theatre, a charity workshop, or you can also help him in the kitchen. He will appreciate these dates a lot.
  16. The Virgo man does not like waste of money.  You may not buy something flashy to impress the Virgo man.  Instead just buy something that is inexpensive but of good taste. A book can be a great idea. You can also give him grooming products he will like them inevitably.

In this article on “all about the Virgo man” we have tried to explain all that you may like to know about impressing the Virgo man. He is simple at heart and can be impressed easily with a little care and patience.

These points will definitely help you to win the heart of a Virgo man. If you can win the heart of the Virgo man you will see and experience love in its purest form. Have a great Valentine’s Day with the Virgo man.

Some famous Virgo Men

Actor: Aaron Paul

Actor: Chad Murray

Actor: Tom Felton

Actor: Sean Connory

Director: Oliver Stone

Writer: Damon Wayans

Stuntman: Sala Baker

Wrestler: Dalip Singh (Khalli)

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