Impossible Is Nothing: If You Will

Impossible Is Nothing: If You Will

It has been said that if you want to achieve anything, nothing can stop you. Just see the case of this middle aged man, who is so determined to study and earn a respectful living that he begs to pay his fee for law college evening classes so that he can get a job in the courts. We salute such spirit and wish him best of luck (news taken from Bhaskar News)

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If you will, you can certainly achieve no matter what the obstacles

You can break away all chains, no matter how strong the shackles

Look at this man who is so determined nothing can make him stop

If you want to do it, no circumstances can make your fate to lock

The Universe has everything for everyone, there is nothing short

Each soul in itself is a prince, not just a member of a cohort

So wake up, rise and work towards achieving your dream

From the milk of life, you have to churn your own cream

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