Visions of Heaven and Hell

Heaven and hell are both concepts that can be found across all the religion. Whether it is Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity or Islam all has this common link. There is a mention of heaven and hell. All these faiths say that there are good and bad people on earth.

The Judgement Day

We all in our life time do both good and bad deeds. Some deeds are done knowingly and some are done unknowingly. Some of have good deeds that are more in number to the bad deeds. Similarly there are few whose bad deeds are much more than their good deeds. On the judgement day, the day when one dies they encounter god. The divine force that created us all we call god studies the ratio of the good and bad deeds.

Heaven or Hell

It is generally believed that based on the deeds that one has done God decides whether the person should go to heaven or hell. We will now discuss the vision of heaven and hell. It is interesting that the same concept is present in all the religions of the world. This is exactly why all religion teaches their followers to be good and to do good to all.

We are not the best judge to decide if an act is good or bad. This is because depending on the situation the act can be good or bad. For example when you kill someone in self protection it is definitely a negative act.

However, it cannot be compared to a cold blooded murder. God is the best judge to decide this. All of us will have to agree to the decision that god takes on the judgement day. Every faith as a list of things that they consider as sins, anyone who does any of these sins are banished and sent to hell. For example in Islam it is a sin to drink. A true Muslim never drinks no matter what. In Hinduism the greatest sin is to commit suicide. It is as good as insulting god as you are taking away the life that god gave you. In Christianity there is a list of sins that no one should ever commit.

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As we have said that concept of heaven and hell is common in all the religion. It is strange to see that all the religions do describe heaven and hell in almost the same way. It is said that heaven is filled with light. It is in the sky. There is happiness and prosperity. Heaven is where angles and gods live.

Privileges of Heaven

The people who go to heaven enjoy a good life. They get good food, music and peace. They get a feel of bliss. On the other hand hell is in the core of the earth. It is hot and fuming there. Hell has demons who torture those who come there. The souls that go to hell are burnt in flames; they are made to walk on flames and are pierced with hot iron rods. The agonies are endless.

The ones who go to hell are denied food, water and fresh air. They plead for mercy but their voices go unheard. These agonies are eternal and go on for thousands of years. The numbers of years of these tortures correspond completely to the amount of sins committed by the person. The visions of heaven and hell are definitely in very sharp contrast.

It is believed that these descriptions of heaven and hell are found in all the religious scriptures of the world. What is interesting is that all religions agree on this same theory. Many living saints have also described the heaven and hell and explained their sharp contradictions.

Some skeptics say that such places don’t exist. This is just a way of scaring the people so that they would not do the sins and indulge in illegal activities. Some say that heaven and hell are on earth itself.

The concept of karma for example says that if we do good to all we will get back good. Similarly if we do bad then we will get back bad. We have seen many examples where a person who does bad to others dies a sad death. The best example would be Osama Bin Laden. Let us not get into the debate of whether heaven and hell actually exists.

There are many books that have been written on this concept of visions of heaven and hell. I hope you have got a slight idea about the concept. There is a mention of heaven and hell in almost all the religious scriptures. Whether you believe It or not is completely on you.

However, the interesting point to consider is that. If it is mentioned all across in all the religious books and people from all over the world have been having faith in the same then there must be some truth about it. We cannot deny that can we.

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