How To Make Magic Potion For Kids?

How To Make Magic Potion For Kids?

Just relax if the title create anxiety in your mind for here we are not talking about any black magic or anything like that but this is more of an idea for kids Halloween party  or you can do it even otherwise do such parties anytime like say even Xmas is approaching, so let us find out what exactly is a magic potion and how to prepare such an exotic drink.

What is Magic Potion?

Magic potion comes from the word poton. Poton is a Greek word that means drink. It can be consumed as a poison or as a medicine. The word is very commonly used in mythology. It is mentioned in both Indian and western mythological stories. It is mostly made by a magician, a fairy or by a witch.

The Magic Potion

The Magic Potion

Magic Potions in Mythology

In the fairy tales a magic potion is often referred to as a drink that is made by a witch or a magician. The drink spells a magic and enchants all. The drink would be made with things like frog, snakes, human bones etc. The Magic potions would usually be weird in colour. The colour would be green or black. Sometimes the potion is also evil and can kill. The magician or the witch would also spell a magic into the potion. This magic would make the potion even more strong and powerful.

However, with time the concept of magic potion changed. Slowly this term was used for a medicine that could cure diseases. With time even this concept of potion changed. Today magic potions are made in birthday parties. This is just to recreate the magic of a fairy land.

Fairy Tale Party Themes

Many kids want a fairy tale theme party or a Harry potter theme party. These parties need these magic potions. The kids enjoy these drinks and have a nice time. We will now discuss a little more about how to prepare a magic potion.

Before you make one you must remember that it should look exotic and it should be interesting at the first place. We will now discuss how to make a simple magic potion. The first thing you need is an empty water bottle. Fill the bottle with a little with water. You can add some vegetable soups. You can also add some edible colours and make a drink that looks interesting.

An Energy Drink

A magic potion can also be referred to a drink that soothes you and makes you feel better. You can make a good energy drink with these and ensure that you feel fresh as soon as you have them. Some experts also make magic potions for their clients based on the requests that they get from the client. These magic potions make them realize their wishes and make them feel stronger. You can also contact an expert with the concerns that you have and they will advise the kind of magic potion that you may need.

I hope we have given a good idea about what magic potions usually are and how magic potions are made. I hope you will try to make a magic potion on your own for your kid’s birthday party.

The Metaphysics Aspect

Kids stuff apart, let us talk a little about whether magic potions are a reality or just a myth. I can only say that basically magic potions might have been used to refer to some sort of herbal or alternative medicines as we know them today. History has been full of different types of potions relating to immortality and other things.

Hence it will not be wrong to say that magic potions did exist and possibly they still exist in the current times as well. We will be doing some research on the magic potions that exist currently and will be posting on our portal as and when it is ready.

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