Savan Vrats & Significance: Fasting Dates 2017

Savan Vrats & Significance: Fasting Dates 2017

Savan vrats start today namely the 25 of July 2016 for this year, so we thought that this was a good time to write this and hope you find this informative and it will help you to do the savan vrats more effectively.

The Saun/Shravan, Sawan Month

Sawan is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar. The month has got its name from a Nakshatra called Shravan. This constellation appears in the sky during this month. In the month of Savan in 2016 we will be able to see this in the sky again. If you want to do the savan vrats thi year then the first thing that you need to know is the dates for the same. The dates on which the savan vrats can be done are

10 July 2017sawans-somvar vrat

17 July 2017

24 July 2017

31 July 2017

7 August 2017

This year the sawan month actually starts from a Monday and ends on a Monday too. However the traditions in southern India are somewhat different and the dates vary slightly over there as follows

24 July (Monday) first fast and beginning of savan month
31 July (Monday) second fast
07 August (Monday) third fast
14 August (Monday) fourth fast
21 August (Monday) fifth fast and last day of savan month

Each day of the month is auspicious and each of them has a significance of their own. We will discuss some of the significant days in this month. Each day of the month is blessed by Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and even Lord Krishna. Some major celebrations that are held in the month of Savan are Raksha bandhan, Nag panchami and Hariyali teej.

Benefits of Sawan Somvar Vrats

In the month of Savan the Mondays are blessed by the Lord Shiva himself. If one can fast during these Mondays of Savan he or she will be blessed by none other than Lord Shiva himself. It is said that if you worship lord Shiva in this month the benefits that you can get from the worship is ten folds. If you want please lord Shiva then fasting in the savan somvars can be a great idea.

These Mondays of Savan month are very strong and blessed by Lord Shiva himself. If you want to get best results you can do these savan vrats on yearly basis. Many devotees of Lord Shiva do these vrats regularly and have gained immensely from them.

Vrat Katha Booklet

During the fast you can also recite the solah somvar vrat katha of Lord Shiva. These books are easily available in Lord Shiva temples. This is more advisable for women to get good husbands. You can either fast on the Monday’s of this month. Secondly you can start the fast of sixteen Mondays from this savan month itself. Another thing that you can do is observe fast till the evening during the pradosham.

Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati are mainly worshipped during this month of Savan. The devotees ensure that they offer the most favourite offerings of these gods in order to please them. The offerings include datura, bel patra, marigold flowers and rose.

Method to do vrat

Some points that we will recommend the readers to keep in mind as they do the vrats:

  1. One should wake up early and finish all the activities that they do in the morning.
  2. After this the devotees must got to the nearest temple and bath the Shiv lingam with milk and water.
  3. You can also clear the puja mandir at your place and keep the idol or the picture of goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.
  4. On the first day of the vrat you must take a sankalp that you will do the savan vrats for the whole month.
  5. You must meditate on Lord Shiva and recite the mantra Om namah Shivayeh.
  6. In the evening you must take a bath and perform the puja all over again.
  7. In the evening you should either recite the somvar vrat katha or listen to the recitation of the same. If you can’t do this the fast is considered incomplete.
  8. You can later visit a shiva temple and recite the aarti of Lord Shiva with other devotees.
  9. Distribute the prasad that you offered to the people you know. Distributing prasad can make you twice blessed.
  10. In the night you can have satvik food. Food that is purely vegetarian and do not contain onion or garlic either.

If you can do the savan vrat as mentioned above you will get to enjoy many benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  1. Unmarried girls can get good husbands
  2. All the tensions in the life of the devotees who do this vrat will be removed.
  3. If a married woman does it then Lord Shiva gives long life to her husband and sons.
  4. All the wishes of the devotees who do this vrat will be full filled by Lord Shiva.
  5. Lord Shiva will also bless the devotees with wealth and prosperity.

Why Sawan month?

Why Savan of all the months is selected for worship of Lord Shiva? The answer is that the Samudra manthan happened in the month of Savan. Lord Shiva to save all the living beings willingly consumed the poison that came out of this manthan. This is exactly why this month is still celebrated to thank lord Shiva for the sacrifice he did to save life on earth. Savan Shivratri is also celebrated in the Month of Savan.

If the Savan Shivratri falls on a Monday the strength of this day becomes more (as in this year).We hope that this article on savan vrats and their significance will help our readers to understand the importance of this vrat and it will also help them to perform these vrats better. Do remember that the savan vrats and very effective and if they are performed with pure intention the results can be unimaginable.

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