Prayer Healing: The Scientific Perspective

Prayer Healing: The Scientific Perspective

The word Prayer healing raises many an eyebrow, especially from the modern people, or at least we think so. Do you really know what science has to say on prayer or faith healing. Well let us find out in these paragraphs.

Prayer Healing

Before discussing further let us begin by taking a look at what is meant by prayer or faith healing. It refers to the attempt of curing any disease or other condition through the power of vibrations which emanate from a powerful mind in a focused manner so as to bring forth positive results.

If this definition confuses you, to state in plain words, it simply means to pray for someone or something to get better. This means that one or more people collectively send their vibes to another person or object to change a given situation, be it related to health, finances or any situation.

The Doubts

Many people, even the religious ones, have strong doubts whether prayer healing works at all or it is just a game of alluring people. If people think so, it is not without a reason. There are hundreds and thousands of cases where people are duped in name of religion and healing to extract benefits in cash or kind. So it is not surprising that most people including young educated generation feels a sense of disconnection with this philosophy. Agreed that there are many such cases, it does not put a question mark on the authenticity of the technique itself.

Modern Research

Although this phenomenon can be well explained with ancient theories, it would be appropriate at this stage to suggest that many modern research papers have confirmed the effectiveness of prayer healing. One such example is the paper found at United States National Library of Medicine written in the year 2005 and titled “Meditation, Prayer and Spiritual Healing: The Evidence“. This is only one such example and there are hundreds of such papers based on research carried out in different parts of the world by different researchers. Here is a link to another article which is about prayer healing proof.

The Ancient Principle

The ancient principle on which this theory is based is quite simple to understand. It can be said to be a combination of the law of karma and the equivalence of mass and energy and the transformation of energy from one for to another. Vibrations are form of energy and it can act both in positive and negative manner. When a person or group of persons pray for someone or something, they are sending out collective energy which combines to produce the desired results.

The same principle applies to taking blessings from holy people and the elders. We have published few posts related to touching feet of elders and power of sound vibrations. Infact this is also applicable to the negative aspects and you can also read our posts related to vashikaran and black magic.

All this is closely interconnected and one just needs to realize that we are all a part of that universal consciousness which is the basis of the unity in diversity in the universe. Hence it should not come as a surprise when prayers of one person or group of persons takes effect in an entirely different part of the globe and causes changes in situation over there.

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