Basics of Vaastu Shilpa Shastra

Basics of Vaastu Shilpa Shastra

Today we will learn about the basics of Vaastu Shilpa Shastra and how one can make one’s  residence or place or work to give maximum benefits by creating such situation where the Panchbhutas or the five lements are balanced to give optimum level of health, finances and prosperity.

This was known to the ancient seers though over time the knowledge got lost but it has a scientific basis and even though we may not fully believe it, the shape, proportion, direction and location of different areas in a building do have a bearing on our lives. So before going into that let us find out about the five elements we talked about. You can also read another short introduction to Vastu Shastra here.

The world comprises of five basic and essential elements known as Panchabhuutas and they are:

(1) Akaasha

Science calls this as space and even modern scientists agree that space is unlimited or anantha as the Vedas call it. The main feature of Akasha is Shabda or sound. Again this has been proved by various space experiments conducted by NASA and other organizations that the space is filled with sounds which are generated from different forces like electromagnetic fields, waves, gravitation and so on. You can also watch NASA videos of sound in Akasha or space from this link.

(2) Vaayu

As we all know even from our school education that air or Vaayu is an important element of nature and its existence is very important for life of all forms, not only human but also flora and fauna. The main features of vaayu are sparsha and shabda meaning sound and touch. The layer of atmosphere around the Earth exists upto a few hundred kilometers (400 kms approx) and it gets thinner as one goes up in altitude. It consist of different types of gases, dust and vapours.

(3) Agni

The nearest equivalent of Agni in our modern day scientific terminology is fire though it should not mean to say the fire we know in general. Basically it is the form of heat energy which is present in different forms and is also displayed as light which eminates from that heat. Hence the features or characteristics of Agni are shabda, sparsha and roopa. The last one means form since light gives rise to various forms as we all know that whatever we see if just a reflection and absorption of the light waves around us.

(4) Jala

Jala or water is a major ingredient of our planet and more than 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water in the form of rivers, lakes, oceans and other bodies. Apart from that it is present as water vapour in the atmosphere and ice or snow in cold places. The main features of this element consist of rasa or taste apart from the other three features including shabda, sparsha and roopa.

(5)  Bhuumi

Earth is the basic platform on which all life exists and the different elements come into play and hence can be said to be sort of a base element. It has magnetic and gravitational forces which effect the different life forms present on it as well as non loving matter. The Earth is tilted by about twenty three and half degrees at the meridian on it’s either side for six months called Uttaraayana and Dakshinaayan and rotates about its axis from West to East. This movement gives rise to day and night while its complete rotation around the sun gives rise to one year. The main features of the Earth include the previous four features plus guna or quality.

This brings us to the basics of Vaastu Shastra since any dwelling which is built either for living or work purpose gives rise to different interactions between these elements and related forces. It is possible to harmonize them to a certain degree by following some practices which have been given the name of Vaastu.

In Samaraangana Suutradhaara the author explains the necessity of bringing out the text on Vasstu Shilpa Shaastrathus:

Importance of Vastu

Importance of Vastu


Importance of Vastu

Importance of Vastu (English)


Properly designed and pleasing house will be an abode of good health, wealth, intelligence, children, peace, happiness and will redeem one from dept of obligations. Negligence of canons of architecture will result in unnecessary travels, bad name, loss of fame, sorrows and disappointments. The character of the house built disregarding prescribed codes cannot be  determined. All houses, villages, towns and cities shall be built according to Vaastu Shaastra. Therefore Vaastu Shilpa Shaastra is brought into light in favour of, to the satisfaction of, and for the betterment and overall welfare of the universe.

 Vishwakarma – Vaastushaastra explains it’s importance thus:

Explaination by Vishwakarma

Explaination by Vishwakarma

Explaination by Vishwakarma

Explaination by Vishwakarma (English)

Meaning :

Because of Vaastu Shaastra the whole Universe gets good health, happiness and all round prosperity. Human being attains divinity with this Shaastra. Knowledge of Shilpa Shaastra get not only worldly pleasures but also experience heavenly bliss.

Hence we hope that this explanation helped you to find out about the basics of Vaastu Shilpa Shastra and we will continue to post more information on this topic over time so keep coming back.


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