All Religions Are Equal

All Religions Are Equal

People normally fight in the name of religion but on the contrary all religions share the same message of peace, love, hope and friendliness. Share this message as far as you can if you are a true follower of your own religion and faith

Let us learn some basics of the true religion

Let us have some true faith and a broad mind and vision

People who are narrow minded find bad things in other prophets

Religions are Equal

All Religions are Equal

They seem to be stuck in their own beliefs, rosaries or lockets

Yet if you rise above the narrow minded mentality and have higher perspective

You will find that the goal of all religions is same and they have similar objective

That is to unite all mankind and teach them some lessons of love and compassion

Religion is to be adopted as a way of life, not as a valueless or ornamental fashion

For within the depths of mind do true Prayers always take form

They have the power to help endure even the roughest storm

For if we keep quarrelling and fighting over matters so petty

We will be like a wrecked ship always wandering never reaching the jetty

Hope the light within you sometimes make you realize

All religions are same irrespective of number of followers of size

For religion is a way of life and not something to be practiced as lifeless routine

As doing so will take away the true meaning and it will lose all its sheen

Only when you realize that you have within yourself the power to change

That the message we want to spread will go beyond the limited range

For whenever one says I am Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Hindu or Jain

It makes a line which divides and makes a line which limits you even if you can

It is nothing wrong to belong to any religion of the world so vast

But to respect other religions and have equal faith will certainly long last

So what are you waiting for, just make a resolve today with all your might

That you will not get into any religious hatred, never in the name of religion will fight

Just spread this message of unity and love as far as you can

For then only you will be a real follower of any religion, I tell you o man

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