Person’s Behavior in Hypnosis State: Part II

We will continue with the topic of hypnosis in this article. We have already mentioned in our previous article how people can be influenced by hypnosis and how the impact of hypnosis stays even in the post hypnosis state. We will give some more examples now to prove how hypnosis can be taken to a different level all together.

An Example

Once there was a person who was very good at hypnosis he wanted to create awareness about hypnosis and how it can be used for the benefits of others. He once arranged for a conference in Ahmedabad. In this conference he used hypnosis on a particular person who was sitting in the audience. This person was told that as soon as the person giving lecture on hypnosis would tap his fingers on the table this person will scratch his head. The hypnosis was removed and the person was sent back to the audience. During that one hour lecture whenever the fingers were tapped on the table this person would scratch his head. It was repeated quite a few times.

Later this person was again called to the stage and was asked if he felt compelled to scratch his head the person replied that there was no compulsion that he felt he just did it like a reflex action. Similar experiment was tried in the same conference with about 15 people and even these people were found scratching their heads as soon as the fingers were tapped.

This was a small example of mass hypnosis. In the conference it was further discussed that hypnosis can also be used on people who are miles away from the person who is doing the hypnosis. Hypnosis has a lot of potential but it was never practiced in India on a very large scale.

Science and Art

Hypnosis is nothing but a science; some can also consider it as an art and the people who are practicing hypnosis are professionals. As long as hypnosis is not being used to cheat or to bring trouble to others there is no harm in using hypnosis. Many people who support hypnosis say that it should be allowed to be practiced in the open and we must let this science reach everyone. Anyways that remains a debatable topic. What if it is used for something that will bring harm to others?

Some Tips

We will now tell you how you can ensure that you give an effective conference on the topic of hypnosis and create more awareness about the same among the people sitting in the audience. If you want to talk about hypnosis you must have a good personality and you must be dressed in a way that will impress the audience.

People should feel like trusting you and they should be willing to listen to you. The most important thing is that they should be attracted to you. Before you start with hypnosis you must tell the audience about hypnosis and how it can be used. This can ensure that all of the audience comes under the spell of hypnosis.

When a short introduction is given you are basically creating the right atmosphere and set up for the rest of the lecture. Now it’s the time to do the hypnosis. Tell the audience that you are looking at each one of them and they should also look at you. Tell them to look into your eyes and make your tone serious. This will ensure that the audience pays importance to you and they listen to you. Fix both your hands firmly on the table and ensure that your eyes are still fixed at the audience.

Don’t be nervous. You were created by God with this potential and you can do it keep telling yourself this again and again. The entire audience must be visible to you. Look into the eyes of the audience and ensure that they too look into your eyes. You should look convincing. Once you can get this done you will be able to ensure that the audience get into a trance and this state is a very powerful state.

The Check

Now that you know most of the audience must have come under the influence of hypnosis you can try the next step to check how effective you were. Tell the audience to interlock the fingers and then tell them that they will not be able to get their hands off this interlock even if they try. Leave it at that and you will see that the audience are trying to disengage the fingers but they are not able to.

Obviously this is happening because they are under the influence of hypnosis and nothing else. With this you will get an idea that who can be a good subject for you. Hypnosis might not work on everyone in the same way. It is a known fact that hypnosis might not work the same way on everyone. The people you see are struggling to disengage the fingers can be called to the stage and then you can help them to disengage the fingers with the help of hypnosis again. It is not possible that all those who are attending the conference will come under the spell of hypnosis. Only a few people will actually be impacted the most. For example if you have an audience of 50 then 7 to 8 people might come under the spell of hypnosis and others might not be effected at all. Even this is a good number. When you are using hypnosis on just one person on a one to one basis the chance of becoming successful is much higher.

Choosing Subjects

It is better that you choose the subject from the audience as it will make the others assured that all this was not fixed from before. You call these subjects to the stage and continue with further experiments. Try to choose six to seven such subjects depending on the amount of time you have for the show. Ensure that you chose people from both sex and from different age groups to make the experiments look even more convincing.

Tell the subjects to take a seat and they are still under the hypnotic spell. You tell the subjects that they will have to do as you tell them to do. Tell the subjects to sleep off. They are under hypnosis and they will get into deep hypnotic sleep at your instruction. Now the others sitting in the audience will definitely find this very amusing and they will be very happy to see this experiment happening live in front of their eyes. It is indeed amusing and very interesting. Many people who do not believe in hypnosis might actually change the mind after they see these experiments.

Now pick one of the subjects who are deep in sleep and tell him to write in a blank paper whatever you are dictating. Tell him to type a letter of resignation stating the fact that he is not capable of doing the work and he does not deserve the position he is holding. If the person is in his sense he would never write a letter like this stating that he is not capable of doing anything. Tell the person to also put his name and signature in the letter. Also do ensure that the post and the address of the person are mentioned so that it actually looks like a resignation letter. After this take this subject out of hypnosis and let the other subjects still enjoy their sleep. You can also expect that some of the subjects will be snoring loudly at this stage and that can be even more funny as well as amazing to the audience who are watching the show.

After the subject is out of his sleep tell him as him if he likes his job and is he performing his job well. It is natural that the person will say that he is a responsible officer and he is performing the job given to him with full dedication. At this point tell him that he has just written a resignation letter along with his signature. The subject will definitely be very embarrassed and shocked. Show the letter that he had just typed to him and see how he reacts. This can be really an interesting experiment. Ensure that you explain the subject about your experiment and assure that the subject is indeed a responsible person and he does perform his duty well. Tear the letter and throw it in the dustbin. Thank the person for his support and send him back to the seat he was holding among the audience.

The others who are subjects sitting on the stage can be used for other experiments. For example you can ask them to tell their names, address and the positions they hold in the companies. Do not ask controversial questions or things that can embarrass the subject later. It is quite natural that people will not disclose all these details to everyone but if they are giving this info to you then it is definitely under the spell of hypnosis.

Another Experiment

In the next experiment that we are going to discuss it is better that you choose a woman. Tell the woman that you are standing behind and you will hold her even if she falls. Tell her to bend towards you as you stand behind her. The woman will actually do as you say as she is under hypnosis and it will make the experiment even more interesting.

Now let’s move to something else that you can do. Make the subject sit at one end of the table and make him or her place the hands on the table. Tell them that they are feeling the hands to be too heavy so heavy that they cannot even lift them. You will notice that the subject will do exactly as you say and will not be able to pick up their own hands from the table even after a lot of attempts. After that, assure the subject that you have made his hand light and that he can remove the hand from the table easily now. When you suggest this you will notice that the subject easily removes the hand from the table as you have assured him to do so. You might feel that is it possible? Well off course it is and these experiments have actually been very successful. These examples are selected from conferences on hypnosis done across the world at different points of time.

There are any such experiments that can be done on people who are under hypnosis and these experiments actually work very well. The audience will start to look at the person doing these experiments as someone who is serious about hypnosis. The subject of hypnosis is indeed an interesting one. Not many people practice it professionally. There are many advantages of actually doing hypnosis. Our attempt is to make the readers aware of hypnosis and how it can be made popular. It is a science and it takes proper study to get a hang of doing hypnosis. It is not a black magic and it can be done without the intention of harming anyone else. We hope that you will find this article informative and interesting. Keep looking at this space for some more mind boggling articles on hypnosis. We will try to come up with some more such topics in the future.

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