The Importance of Shraddh Karma

The Importance of Shraddh Karma


It is the duty of every man (and woman) to do shraddh karma with devotion and care

For if you ignore your ancestors, it is not good, it is simply not fair

You are in this world because they formed the chain that links you to the past

Make sure their memories are carried forward, as long as you live and last

Who has got time in this busy world, you might ask, you might say

People dont even have time for the living, they are just rushing each day

Yet a little reflection will show that it is worth the while to remember and stop

Just dont take this time for granted, you never know when clicking wont be the clock

There are immense blessings in your ancestors, just learn to pay respect due

See how your life will change, you will not even have the slightest clue

For the vibrations can traverse across the worlds, they are just watching you grow

Anytime you need their help, their blessings are just at a stones throw

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