Right vs Wrong: Father to a Child

Right vs Wrong: Father to a Child

When you walk in the paths of life totally unknown

When you dont realize you will reap what you have sown

It is the time at least you can do one thing for sure

Just trust in your parents, for their love is so pure

They will never give any advice which will bring you harm

Such are their Blessings, even shivers of cold will turn warm

They may not be always right, they may not know everything on Earth

Yet they have the natural intuition you guide you, have done so since birth

So listen to their words, do not despise or you will regret later in your life

That is the only bond which is above all things, through thick, thin and strife

It is the Universal Mother in the human form and Brahma in the same form too

If you just heed to their advice, that is sufficient to reach any heights for you

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