Corollary of Law of Karma in Various Religions

Corollary of Law of Karma in Various Religions


It is true that all religions have the same goal and are quite similar in their teachings and ditto in their essence. It is only we the fools who fight in name of religion. We keep giving examples where teachings say the same thing – though it is not required for a true followers – and the Texts above show variations of law of karma.

Actually this might not seem exactly as law of karma so in scientific terms this can be termed as a “corollary” to the law of karma which is a proposition derived from another proved theorem and follows from it.

The law of karma works with precision so say all the sacred books

Whatever you do, will entangle you just like fish in the hooks

Actions done have the power to invoke similar results along the way

This is such a beautiful expression, just helps you to not go astray

At the end of the day even you have to rise above actions which are good

It might seem confusing though, you might ask, why I even should?

That is for later stages when you realize to rise above duality and just cease

Then you are yourself a God, no other Gods you have to Pray or appease

For your soul is the same like those of the great Saints and  Sages

This message has been given by all Prophets, across all yugas and ages

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