If you must, do like a fish, not a bird

If you must, do like a fish, not a bird

Those were the days, when true love was found in Sohni Mahiwal, Heer Ranjha and the likes

Can even a fraction of that be found in this modern materialistic world, I just say yikes

If you have to love, you must do it like a fish which does not change heart but just does perish

It only have one love in mind for the water, only in that water does it live, survive and cherish

The modern world does not find it practical, nor do the human beings of today find it easy

Who has time for true love, when the world is full of so much negativity, everyone is so busy

Look at the animals be it a dog, or a tiny fish, they know the true value of love and a lifelong bond

They dedicate their entire lives to whoever they are attached to, never look anywhere or beyond

The humans of today call themselves so advanced, have all the gadgets yet are not even anywhere close

Have hardly got any real depth, but they only measure it with words, with outside actions and a rose

Ramanna Maharishee says, silence is the the only truth and meditation is the only way to God, o dear

It is only when you say the profoundest words through silence, that can spread the most powerful cheer

Just know yourself, dive within, then from there you will find the true strength to love like a fish so deep

Other than that, whatever you do, whatever you say, it will just be hollow words, hollow actions in a heap

If you are have once committed, stay, do not leave whatever comes, how many difficulties or fear

Just stay put and you will find the strength from within, there is nothing which can harm you, do you hear

That is the reason why people are not connected even if they are always are, they lost the inward touch

Once that connection is established, there will be automatic shower of love, so so so very very very much

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