Heisenberg (Father of Quantum Physics) on God

Heisenberg (Father of Quantum Physics) on God


Those of us who study a little bit for our livelihoods consider ourselves to know all

Perhaps that is one of the reason why intellectual men often falter and fall

For little knowledge is always a dangerous thing, even though ignorance is not bliss

Yet half baked knowledge might be good in the world, but the real goal you will miss

Just look at those who were on the pinnacle of knowledge, learned like sages and wise

What these people had to say about the Almighty, might take you by a little surprise

It is not only the case of a single scientist or researcher par excellence who this said

There are innumerable examples who claimed that Spirituality is the linking thread

Which binds all humanity irrespective of all differences, misunderstandings and hate

Beyond all these sundry differences, there is certainly a truth beyond debate

But even if these learned people say, dont believe at the face value but try for your own

For you only have the power to redeem yourself, through karma, bhakti or gyana alone

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